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weight loss

The Devil Makes You Fat

Help Lord the Devil Wants Me Fat“Help Lord-The Devil Wants Me Fat!”

Naturally, every library has its share of diet/health books. They go in and out of fashion more than, well, fashion. This book takes the extra added bonus of blaming Satan. Evidently Satan sits on the Hellmouth with a big plate of cookies tempting all of us into the abyss of fat and calories. One of the big ideas in this book is about fasting. Obviously not a new concept in religious practice. However, the advice about fasting is a little too cavelier about a doctor’s advice. He doesn’t even mention particular health issues where fasting might be problematic.

Well now I am thinking that maybe Hell has a better buffet than Heaven.


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You are never too young to think about going on a diet.

maggie goes on a diet picture book

Maggie Goes on a Diet

Okay, this one is horrible. I only found this title recently and doing a quick search I found that it had gotten some negative publicity. I now see why.

Maggie is sad and depressed because she is fat.  She decides to eat healthy and then she becomes a superstar soccer player and attractive to boys. Maggie is now happy. Problem solved!  (I guess those super helpful kids teasing and bullying Maggie were doing her a giant favor!)

While we are considering such fine contributions to youth literature, I have to ask who is the target audience? Teen girls? Preschoolers? Parents?  It is a picture book.  Are preschoolers out there really worried about being a soccer star or getting a date?

I will be in the back eating my feelings.


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There’s a Thin Person Inside You!

there's a thin person inside of you cover

There’s a Thin Person Inside You!

Submitter: This book was in our nursing library (in a community college) and it’s all kinds of wrong! I’ll start with the cover. Ew. Next, fat people are referred to as “fatty’s” and surely if you’re fat you must be completely miserable! Overall, it’s poorly written and completely outdated. Not that people were breaking down the doors in 1983 to check it out. This book had a total of 4 checkouts, the last in 1990. To the rubbish pile it goes!

Holly: Nice cover.  It looks kind of beat up.  I appreciate the author’s sincerity.  She seems to really want to help people, but this is way to judge-y.  The tone is preachy, not inspiring.  And, fatty? REALLY?? That’s horrible.  I’d suggest a 5- to 10-year rule (closer to 5…) for anything health-related, too.

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