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Affordable weddings from the good old days

beautiful wedding cover

You Can Afford a Beautiful Wedding

I’m going to go out on limb and say this book is pretty outdated. I am sure anyone who has hosted a wedding in the last decade would stroke out on some of the prices quoted. For today’s modern brides and grooms, this book is useless. I am not even sure that many brides and grooms would consider a book as a source for wedding information. I think most brides and grooms tend to hit websites like Pinterest and The Knot for wedding planning.

From what I hear from friends, a cheap wedding can cost more than a new car. I think I would rather have the car.


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Wedding Photos for “Today”

Wedding Photography for Today coverWedding Photography for Today
Greg Lewis

Submitter: I’m making my way through the 700s at my mid-sized public library, and our photography section has been neglected for a long time. Amidst many books that are ridiculously out of date was this gem on wedding photography. Any time a title includes “modern,” “contemporary,” or “today” it immediately gives itself an auto-weed by date. The samples included are great examples of what my parents’ wedding photos look like. I think if any modern bride ended up with photographs like these she’d probably cry. The fashion and effects photo also make this one an easy one to remove from our collection.

Mary: I think I might have gone to college with some of these people or at least attended prom with guys that dressed in similar tuxes. Just say no.

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Time for a Shower!

Bridal Shower Guidebook coverBridal Shower Guidebook
How to Host a Succesful Bridal Shower

I am not a big fan of showers. Gifts are great to give (and get!) but my days of cute games and “ice breaker” activities are over. I don’t even want to do it ironically.  Holly is also adverse to these kinds of activities in any context. I have seen her in many a seminar or meeting gritting her teeth about any “get to know” type of activities.

That said, I do think the library should have a wide variety of pary planning books like this. However, they do go out of style quickly for a public collection. This particular book is 30 years old and looks every bit that old. No attractive cover also limits the appeal. Time to weed.


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