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Time for a Shower!

Bridal Shower Guidebook coverBridal Shower Guidebook
How to Host a Succesful Bridal Shower

I am not a big fan of showers. Gifts are great to give (and get!) but my days of cute games and “ice breaker” activities are over. I don’t even want to do it ironically.  Holly is also adverse to these kinds of activities in any context. I have seen her in many a seminar or meeting gritting her teeth about any “get to know” type of activities.

That said, I do think the library should have a wide variety of pary planning books like this. However, they do go out of style quickly for a public collection. This particular book is 30 years old and looks every bit that old. No attractive cover also limits the appeal. Time to weed.


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Wedding Memories

Wedding PhotographerProfessional Techniques for the Wedding Photographer

We’ve posted a lot of wedding planning books over the years.  This one is no better.  It screams 1985 right from the cover, and the inside is no better.

Now, some might say that wedding pictures are “timeless,” and that “classic” is ok.  I will argue that those terms do not apply to the techniques they list on the cover (especially lighting).  Sure, I’d like that first kiss as husband and wife caught for all eternity just as my parents had and their parents before them.  I might even want that shot printed in black and white or sepia tone.  However, a 2011 wedding photographer is likely to use different techniques to create black & white or sepia toned prints than he used in 1985.  They can also zoom in much better with today’s crazy wide-angle lenses and create lighting with more advanced flash accessories.  Even batteries are a whole different concern than they were in 1985.

So, weed your wedding books and your photography books!  The bridezillas coming your way will thank you.


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Pretty in pink

Bride’s Book of Showers

Totally love the pink parasol!  Weddings and party planning are popular here at ALB.  They go out of date quickly and at the same time they give us a great glimpse into the past.  Yes, they need to be preserved, just not at a public library.

My idea for unexpected guests is ordering a pizza but this idea works well too.  I am concerned that a bride would go into shock at such an event. Best part of this book:  throwing your brother, nephew or son a bachelor party.  I am curious on the etiquette of paying for strippers and such.

Gotta say I am loving all this wedding stuff as I prepare for my future role as mother of the groom.  I am still concerned that my future daughter-in-law has no idea what marrying into our family actually entails.  Personally, I believe alcohol was invented to make family events more tolerable.


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