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Bang Bang You’re Dead

Bang Bang You're Dead coverBang Bang You’re Dead
Fitzhugh and Scoppettone

Submitter: Target audience on cover flap: K-3.  In today’s climate, kids shooting guns, kids aiming guns at one another – heck, guns in general! – in a children’s book are tough to explain. Some of the text, such as “‘I got you dead,’ said Bert. “Bang!’ ‘I got you dead back,’ yelled James. They all lay dead.” and “’Yeah, we’ll fix those skunks. Let’s chop off their heads!’”will touch a nerve it probably wouldn’t have touched in 1969. The kids fight and treat each other terribly, calling nasty names and actually bloodying each other’s faces. While in the end, they all agree to share, they walk away dripping blood from their faces.  I found this on the shelf today, and given Newtown (we’re in Connecticut!) and Orlando, and all of the other gun violence… this is a truly AWFUL library book. I can’t weed it fast enough!

Holly: Not to mention it’s 47 years old…

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Home Firearm Safety

Home Firearm Safety coverHome Firearm Safety
National Rifle Association of America

Submitter: Uncanniest book cover… ever? Note the passive man in the recliner staring at a blank TV screen, the stains on the carpet, and that menacing, satisfied look on the gun owner’s face.

Holly: This was submitted on our Facebook page, but it was too good not to post here too. The woman looks so serene. Just a housewife, cleaning her gun. You know, ‘cuz it’s Tuesday. The dude in the chair better watch himself.

Mary: My first thought looking at the cover was that she just capped hubs and is now cleaning up. The other pictures are also kind of weird.  There is a definite “children of the corn” type of glaze on the people featured.

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