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Crochet Fashion

Big & Little Crochets

I know all you fashion forward library geeks can hardly resist anything knitted. What’s not to love? Ponchos and vests are a great way to feel comfortable at the reference desk. Guybrarians everywhere are loving that they are not excluded from this fashion trend!

I found this crochet pattern while looking for something else and could not stop laughing. I remember when the vest thing was somewhat cool (Yeah, I grew up in the middle of Illinois surrounded by corn, this would qualify as cool). I remember that everyone’s mom and grandma would make these things, probably so everyone would match the afghan on the couch. The best part is that the flip side picture is the women’s version. I will leave it to everyone’s imagination on what someone would wear underneath that dress. The little girls at least get tights.



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Jazz up your wardrobe


Make Your Own Great Vests: 90 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Submitter: Ah, I remember when vests were all the rage. This book captures some of the more extravagant vests of the 90’s. Denim vests, sequined vests, vests with tassels, the possibilities are endless! But wait, this one will really blow your mind, a vest with little vests on it (picture attached).

Holly: Cute.  Reeeeeal cute.  Who would wear this…and to where??  Also, why?

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