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Getting Romantic @ Your Library

DIY sex toys coverIt’s Valentine’s Day! ALB is all about the romance, and has some specific suggestions to make this day special for your significant other. You’re welcome!

Mary and Holly


Make Your Own Sex Toys
50 quick and easy do-it-yourself projects

Who doesn’t need the ultimate DIY book? This is perfect for those that either like a bit of variety or maybe find themselves alone with nothing to do. (Yes, this is a real book!) Read the original post here and I promise you will look at produce in a whole new way!

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Magic Potato

Bib Bob and the Magic Valentine's Day PotatoBig Bob and the Magic Valentine’s Day Potato

Submitter: Our Valentine’s picture book collection is more than a little bit sad. I found TWO copies of this little gem mixed in with a dozen or so other titles. Even with that small number of Valentine’s books, this one still doesn’t circulate, and no wonder: what kid would want a potato for Valentine’s Day? Time to weed this one and do some serious collection development in our holiday books.

Holly: A magic Valentine…potato? Who brings potato chips to children? Ohhhhkay. I’m all for using our imaginations, and I’m all for potato chips and Valentines. However, I’m apparently too old and jaded to get the ap”peal”(ha!) of this story. But hey – if it circulates and the kids like it, by all means keep it. Daniel Pinkwater has written some doozies, hasn’t he? My personal favorite is The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. It was made into a movie and everything. Fat Men From Space is another good one. Pinkwater has chops. This one just seems like more of a “chip.” Ok, I’ll stop now.

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