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Fear of Flying

Fearless Flying coverFearless Flying
The Complete Program for Relaxed Air Travel
Forgione and Bauer

When I first saw this I thought of Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying.  No, this is NOT that book.  This book is to help with anxiety and stress with flying. As a person who struggles with flying phobia and motion sickness, I know that this book would not help me or anyone else. Besides, they don’t even address being stuck next to weirdos, screaming babies, or guys trying to sell me insurance.

The best part of the book is the quaint look back at travel before deregulation, the TSA, and all sorts of other stuff that make airline travel the stress inducing experience it is today. I am sure we will all love looking at the perfectly blow-dried ticket agent from yesteryear.

Busy looking for the air sick bag,


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Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me - CoverTWA Vacation Guide and World Atlas
Trans World Airlines

I was sorting through donations getting ready for our book sale and I found this perched on a pile of textbooks.  Surely no one will have this in a collection unless they are a university collection or archive.  I was wrong.  A couple of public libraries and, most appalling of all, a couple of  school libraries have this in their collections.  Of course I am not the expert on other library collections, so maybe they have a really good reason to have this lovely title. (I doubt it, but I am willing to be open minded to the possibility.)  Let us review just a few of the changes since this book was published.

Alaska Statehood – 1959  (yes kids, USA only was 48 states when this was published!)

Hawaii Statehood -1959 ( a few months after Alaska)

Birth of Mary Kelly, co-founder of Awful Library Books – 1960 (nothing to do with the post, other than to illustrate the extreme AGE of the title! Thank you Holly, for the obvious joke!)

Great Britain change-over to decimalization of currency – 1971, rendering the entire part on British currency useless, not to mention the section on exchange rates.

Fall of Soviet Union – 1989,  and untold other countries that have changed names and/or boundaries since 1956.

Bankruptcy of Trans World Airlines – 2001

September 11 Terrorist Attack – 2001

These were just the ones off the top of my head.  Travel books go bad almost from the moment they are published. How many libraries still have New Orleans travel books that are before Katrina?  Or travel before the 2004 Tsunami in South East Asia?  As world events change, so does our collection.  Go forth and weed the travel and geography sections.

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Cheapskate Travel

Go for FreeGo For Free!  The Complete Guide to Free and Discount Vacations

This books has two huge tears in the front cover.  That’s strike one.  It was written in 1989.  There’s strike two.  This would be a great book if it was written within the last five years, but instead it gives airline, hotel, and rental car information from 20 years ago.  On top of all this, it’s really ugly!  Maybe the author wanted to keep with the theme of “cheap” and leave out any graphic design or cover art.  It looks like something any student in my library’s beginner computer class could whip up after their first lesson.

Strike three:  it’s OUT!