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Well La-Di-Da

A Wonderful Time coverA Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life

Submitter: This relic was one of many taking up space on our small, rural high school library shelves. When we found it, I thought, “What the heck are we saying to our kids with this?” All about American aristocracy, and the title suggests this is what they should strive for. After tediously weeding through  this archaic collection, we have decided to hang on to this one. What better way to show our school board that updating a collection is important?

Holly: It’s the Rich Kids of Instagram of the 1970s (only WASP-ier)!

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Japan Expo Guide

Japan Expo Guide coverJapan Expo ’70 Guide

Submitter: Another horribly outdated travel book. The sad thing is this actually circulated 10 years after the Expo! Even sadder is that it’s been sitting on the shelf for 30 more years. Imagine a deluxe hotel today going for $18 a night. We love the suggestion of packing a fur stole. We are a state library.

Holly: Cool book in 1970. By 1980 it was pretty much done-for. Now? Doorstop.

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Live like the Jetsons!

Future Travel coverFuture Travel

Submitter: This book is nonfiction.  Yes, really.  It was in our 629s, and now it is at my desk so I can show it to all the teachers who wonder where all the “lovely books” have gone. The lovely ones are still on the shelves.  Books like these, however, …

This book circulated a total of four times in the mid-1980s.

Holly: These future forecasting books are always so much fun! They are great choices for middle school libraries. Let’s just make sure that the future of which they speak isn’t supposed to be the present. Also, no matter how cool a book looks, four circulations 30+ years ago makes it an awful library book.

Side note: Can you just imagine some of your more “needy” patrons using jet belts? I can totally get on board with automatic highways, though. Could someone please make that happen?

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