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Teddy Bear Catalog

Teddy Bear Catalog coverThe Teddy Bear Catalog

Submitter: This book was recently weeded from our collection. As a community college library, we strive to teach students how to find authoritative and trustworthy information. If this was a straightforward “how to repair teddy bears” book, it might stay, but the authors include references to the stuffed bears’ personalities (such as “hold[ing] its paw” during repair and consulting a veterinarian to learn how to tie a teddy bear sling for a broken arm). It is also from 1980, so prices listed for the current “teddy bear market” are well out of date.

Holly: Seems like an odd choice for a community college at all, but it’s definitely too old. I agree that it goes a bit far with the teddy bear sympathy. Maybe if it were suggesting ways to talk to a child about their beloved bear’s repair it would be kind of cute, but these seem to be adults sewing up old bears. If a lone adult takes a teddy bear into a veterinarian’s office to learn how to put a cast on its missing paw, they will probably charge for the time and materials, or just say they don’t have time and send you away. They would also think you were a little odd. Because you are.

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Paper Toys

Folding Paper Toys coverFolding Paper Toys
Lewis and Oppenheimer

Submitter: I love this book! The illustrations are large, clear and easy to understand. The great thing is that you can play with the things you make. I remember making many of these types of things when I was young. This book was weeded from the children’s area in a small public library. Our library has had it since 1963 and it has clearly been loved and well used. Most recent circulation was 2004. If it wasn’t for the condition, I would hang on to this one.

Holly: Cute. I’d still weed it because the images are so dated, but the content is still practical, I guess. A quick search on Pinterest came up with all kinds of cute – and current – projects, so that’s a better option than this. Shari Lewis was fantastic, though, wasn’t she?

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Barbie Girl in a Barbie World

Barbie's Dollhouse

The Barbie Doll House

Submitter: This book was in the craft section of my local public library. Maybe not the worst book, but not the greatest either. There were few photos and most of the furniture designs felt dated. Overall, it was less than inspiring.

Holly: This book has woodworking projects for adults on how to build a Barbie house and furniture. An updated version might be useful, but this one is straight out of my very own childhood. I would have coveted this Barbie house. I did have the Barbie airplane with the United logo on the tail, the Barbie country camper, and Barbie’s dream boat. And yet, my best friend had a dad-built homemade Barbie house and it trumped anything store bought. Now days, kids probably want pink plastic everything and wouldn’t appreciate a nice wood doll house and hand-crafted furniture. #DarnKids #GetOffMyLawn

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