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Lizzie McGuire Lives!

Hilary Duff coverHangin’ With Hilary Duff

I know most of you are waiting for the latest and greatest on our girl Hilary Duff. I really wasn’t aware of her work. However, I have heard of Lizzie McGuire. Ten years ago, I would have bought this throwaway bio for the collection in a heartbeat, but even serious Lizzie/Hilary fans will want something up to date.

Weed it!


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Super TV Stars

Super TV StarsSuper TV Stars

Submitter: Wow.  Why was this book in my library?  I understand that teens and preteens enjoy media and like to look at magazines or websites about their favorite stars, but I’m pretty sure none of my students is crushing on William Shatner.  Yikes.

Holly: Kids today probably don’t even know what Baretta, the Six Million Dollar Man, and Welcome Back Kotter are.  Their loss! TV was so much better in the 70s and 80s…but alas, those days are over. Also, this book is in horrible condition.

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How to Keep Your VCR Alive

How to Keep Your VCR Alive coverHow to Keep Your VCR Alive
VCR Repair for the Total Klutz

Submitter: During the heyday of VCRs, this looks like it was a handy resource and was checked out frequently. Lots of diagrams & very detailed instructions were likely helpful, especially when VCRs were really expensive. But now that most people don’t have VCRs anymore, this book has sat on the shelf since 2008. And it was definitely overdue to be weeded.

We still have a few children’s VHS tapes in our collection because they are relatively indestructible compared to DVDs. But someday, these will disappear as well and only the library elders & former video store clerks will have memories of work generated by patrons who were unkind about rewinding.

Holly: Library Elders! Good one! This is definitely a weeder. Just because you can keep your VCR alive doesn’t mean there are any tapes left to play in it. (*Note to self: get wedding video put on DVD…)

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