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Dynasty Fun

Dynasty coverDynasty
The Authorized Biography of the Carringtons
Introduction by Esther Shapiro

Who doesn’t want the full scoop on Denver’s most famous family?  The hair!  The cat fights! The shoulder pads!  Of course this book has 10 different kinds of awesome oozing forth from the pages.  Extra trivia points to you if you can name all the characters.  Librarians, remember her issues with Random House?  (click here for a refresher!)

Circ data indicates that I am the second circ since before 1995.  I think that we can safely retire the Carringtons in 2011.


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What makes TV work?

What Makes TV Work?

Love this cover!  Actually given the age, this particular book was in great shape.  I do have issues with the currency.  No mention of digital tv, DVR or hundreds of channels.

I had to explain to my kids that I only had 3 channels growing up and that was depending on the weather.  In addition, we actually had to get up out of a chair to change the channel.    I also remember having to stand with the rabbit ears in a certain place to get a decent picture.  Kids today have it so easy!


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