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One ringy dingy…

Telephone Systems coverTelephone Systems
Zim and Skelly

Ah, the good old days! Note the actual dial. How about an old cord switchboard? Yours truly had a job with an old school cord board in the late 70’s and early 80’s as well as a “modern” PBX system. It was a nice skill set back in the day. (Just call me Ernestine!) I was thinking that this book was so out of date that today’s kids (as well as the parents) wouldn’t even recognize the equipment.

I will be busy having an age crisis. Leave a message with the operator.


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Phone a Friend

title pageYou and Your Telephone

Submitter: My wife and I discovered this lovely little gem at our local public library. I’m so glad I can finally read about the merits of renting vs. purchasing my own phone!

Holly: My favorite is the three-step illustration on how to plug in the phone line to the back of the phone. It’s not that hard, people. You know what else isn’t that hard? Making the decision to weed this book.

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Flip Phone Fun

Camera Music Phone ProjectsDo-It-Yourself Camera & Music Phone Projects: 24 cool things you didn’t know you could do!

Submitter: The flip phone on the cover says it all: this book is terribly dated. All of these new-fangled things that people can do with their phones are great, sure, but nearly every phone has this capability now without using a book to find the secrets to your phone. Phones are practically computers in and of themselves; why would anyone want to transfer their files by pulling out the SIM card and inserting it in their computer?

Holly: Anyone interested enough in camera and music projects to check out a book about it likely does not have a flip phone…or is willing to upgrade. If it were just a book about using flip phones, you *might* be able to make a case for another year or two, but this is specifically about multi-media projects, so it is too outdated to be useful.

Smart phones are so much easier to use than flip phones! My parents have flip phones, and they don’t believe me that a smart phone would be EASIER for them to use. I do see people in the library with flip phones from time to time, but usually those are the people who can’t figure out how to make the super loud ringing stop when everyone around them is giving them the stink eye.


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