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Teen Angst Again

teen esteem coverTeen Esteem
A Self-Direction Manual for Young Adults
Palmer and Froehner

1989 is obviously too old for a modern collection, but I actually LIKED this book. It was generally good advice and gave good definitions of behavior. The message is clear: know what you want and don’t be a doormat.  My favorite part was a discussion on “how do I know I am being manipulated?”  Solid stuff for an average teen and easy to read.  Even though it invoked the “just say no” phrase of the 80s, it at least gave some solid examples of how to say no, and this book actually recognized that saying no was not necessarily going fix anything.

Still, the cover is all 80s looking and not likely to catch the eye of a modern teen.


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Teen Preggers

Teen Pregnancy

Submitter: We weed our collections on a yearly regular schedule and I can usually breathe a sigh of relief when I check our catalog for books featured on ALB because we don’t own them.  Our collection is pretty well maintained, if I do say so.  But sometimes things slip through the cracks!  I found this gem while pulling hold items on the same topic.  I’m just glad the customer hadn’t placed this one on hold.  The scan of the cover doesn’t really do its condition justice.  It just looks dingy, old, and well, awful!  Most of the general information isn’t bad, but all of the statistics are from the late 70’s or mid-80’s.

Holly: The cover really dates this book.  Yeah – 25 years is a bit long to hang on to a book on this topic.  I can only imagine how far from reality “Chapter 2: Money” is!

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The Teen I Want To Be

Teen I Want to Be coverThe Teen I Want To Be: Secrets To Modeling, Make-up, Fashion, Hair Styles

Submitter: The real title of this should probably be “The Teen My Mother Wants Me To Be.” She’s trying to claim this was a school project but judging from the writing inside I was in 6th grade when I got this. (Yes, I couldn’t spell “pretty” correctly in 6th grade, apparently. Nor “blonde.” To be fair I was going through some things and just Did Not Care at that point.) And since my 6th grade teacher believed that people should take a bath once every 3 days and never use antiperspirant or mouthwash – according to her Listerine was poisoning our water table – I sincerely doubt she gave this to any of us girls as a school project. (She also used to say that robots were going to take over all our jobs and it was all Reagan’s fault and that we’d all die in the coming ice age due to global cooling.)

Holly:  This is not a self-esteem booster.  It feels like a “you’re not good enough but if you try these techniques you might have some friends” book.  It is also too old to be useful or interesting to today’s teenagers.  (It doesn’t tell you how to get more Facebook friends, so it’s basically useless.)

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