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The Righteous Guide to being a Christian Teen

Christian teens coverIf You Really Trust Me, Why Can’t I Stay Out Later?

Today’s post features a teen devotional out to help kids see through all the lies. The kids on the cover are late 80s at best and probably remind today’s teens of Mom and Dad’s high school photos.  I would imagine any teen shopping in the 200s will just walk on by this title. Teen religious materials are popular in my library, but like all things they age quickly.(Now, I am willing to bet that someone will write me and say that we believe Bibles should be weeded.) I also think there is a lack of decent writing in inspirational nonfiction for teens.  I get the scenarios but I keep thinking the advice is bad. I also think the author needs to tone down the “lies are everywhere” rhetoric. Some of my more religious pals back in high school would have absolutely disliked the obnoxious teen preaching about the evils of evolution.


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Not your Mama’s Period

Girls Guide to Menstruation

Actually this might be your Mom’s period book. First, I am trying to figure out what is with this cover. Is it modern art or looking up in a forest? Is it symbolic?  So, what does it all mean?  Second, do I really need to reiterate how health information needs to be updated? Still not convinced? Take a look at the old school sanitary napkins. Try to imagine handing this to a pre-teen in 2012. I also appreciate the advice of a hot shower and perfume for pre-menstrual “tension”.  Just try and feel pretty and all your problems will go away.

Just so everyone can put this in perspective, the intended audience in 1975 is probably heading into menopause in 2012.


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Teen Marriage

Teen Marriage coverTeenage Marriage: Coping with Reality
Revised Edition, 1988

Submitter: I have a treat for you: Teenage Marriage: Coping with Reality by Jeanne Warren Lindsay. As amusing as the title is, the stuff inside is the best. A chapter entitled, “Sex Begins in the Kitchen,” another called, “People Are Not for Hitting” as well as a scorecard to predict the success of your teenage marriage. Brilliant. While I think much of the ideas about how to get along with someone are sound, the old-fashioned, and generally unflattering photos are a serious turn-off to anyone who might be reading this book for actual self-help purposes. I spotted this book when someone returned it after recently checking it out! I’d love to see the look on that teacher/professor’s face when they look at this person’s bibliography. I don’t even want to imagine that the person had checked it out for any other purpose other than a shoddily researched paper. Clearly, a lot has changed since 1988, and not just the acceptability of mustaches. I’ll be leaving this one on our Head Reference Librarian’s desk with a note that says, “Update?”.

Holly: You’re right: this is too old to be truly useful to a school report or for personal use. The advice on household budgets is unrealistic, as well as the info on job skills. Plus, the pictures are dark and depressing. The couple on the cover are enough to turn off any teen from considering marriage!  Sure, they were cute on their wedding day, but now she’s rolling her eyes at him and has a headache and he’s just sitting there saying “duhhhhh.”

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