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Say Yes to No

It's OK to Say No coverIt’s Okay to Say No
Choosing Sexual Abstinence

This book is part of a series called Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Although this does talk about birth control, the emphasis is no sex of any kind. There is also a subtle suggestion that birth control won’t work and that “most teens” want to say no.

I think the photos used to illustrate this book are the real problem. Notice on the cover, it is up to the girl to say no and keep everything under control.

Just say no to this book.


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Teen Sex or Teen Dating?

Like It Is: A Teen Sex Guide
Lieberman and Troccoli

Submitter: It’s from 1998 but I thought it was going to be a lot older based on the cover.

Holly:  Watch your hands, Pal!  I would have guessed 1980’s, too.  How about this title instead?  Wait, I can’t see his other hand….


The Dating Book