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Dating Tips for Teens

Love and Dating coverLove and Dating

This book looked older than 1994. I would have sworn late 1980s, tops. The advice is not that bad and mostly common sense stuff. The illustrations are awful and that alone would make it weed-able, in my opinion. (I can just imagine my teen patrons rolling eyes at this one.)

Ladies, I encourage you to take a look at how to rate with guys. Obviously, we need to all examine our “ladylike” behavior. (The book doesn’t give us details on what that behavior might mean.)


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Advice for Mrs. Robinson

How to Get a Teenage BoyHow to Get a Teenage Boy and What to Do With Him When You Get Him

Submitter: Recently my colleague showed me her copy of [this book] and I immediately thought of your website.  When I looked at the cover I thought it was a cougar training manual.  What’s written inside is just as precious as the cover.  It seems that Ellen Peck was a younger version of Helen Gurley Brown and even includes some of Gurley Brown’s recipes for breakfast beverages for when you feel gaggy.

Holly: Hippest? Grooviest?  Oh boy.  I am cracking up at the cougar training manual bit – the woman (teenage girl??) on the cover does look rather old to be picking up teenage boys, doesn’t she?  Or is that Ellen Peck herself on the cover?

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