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Take the Wrecking Ball to This One

Miley CyrusModern Role Models: Miley Cyrus

Submitter: I think this book is awful because if you compare Miley Cyrus then and now, there is a huge difference and a whole new perspective on her being a “Role Model.” This book was actually in my library’s collection and we weeded it in November of last year. We are a public library in a small town, with a very conservative demographic. We were lucky to catch this and remove it as quickly as possible before a concerned parent brings it to our attention…

Holly: The kids were probably all clamoring for Hannah Montana books back in the day. The show didn’t end until 2011. It was a good choice in 2008, but by the last two seasons of the show she was not exactly conservative small town America’s role model. And now? Well…the rest of her story is more likely to be shelved in adult biographies than juvenile! She is an adult now, and kids today probably don’t even know her as a child star.

Pop Music Superstars

Great Pop Stars coverGreat Pop Stars

What a totally groovy book! This showed up on my doorstep thanks to an active ALB spy in an unnamed public library. I was a young teen when this came out but I am sure if my library had it I would have checked it out at every opportunity. Maybe I did. I am rather old and forget quite a bit…

I think this particular book has done its duty many times over.  The number of pages torn and mended (and re-mended) speaks of many circs.  My favorite repair is a picture of John and Yoko that had a big slice/rip through it.  Someone in tech services made a faded copy from another book and pieced it all together.  I am figuring some Beatles fan got crazy and sliced up poor Yoko. This is a great item for any library music collection back in the day and it might even have merit today for those of us in a certain age group.  I certainly loved trying my best to remember band names and songs.  Test your memory with some of the pages.


PS. Since Davy Jones passed away yesterday, I thought it would be nice to put this post up today. Jones was one of my first tween crushes.  Also, Daydream Believer is one of the best songs EVER! RIP, Davy!

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