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Friday Fiction: Dad’s Not a Drunk

Dads Not a Drunk coverMy Dad’s Definitely Not a Drunk!

Submitter: I will be keeping this book, not in the circulating collection, but as an example of why we need to weed. This was in the fiction collection at a middle school library, rammed in some very full bookshelves. Funny, it never seems to have circulated.

Holly: Excellent idea! Teen fiction has a fairly short shelf life. It is a huge industry with a lot being published these days. Unless it circulates, which Submitter says it hasn’t, there’s no real reason to keep it.  Spoiler alert: the character’s Dad is most definitely a drunk.

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Friday Fiction – Will You Be My Brussels Sprout?

Will You Be My Brussels Sprout coverWill You Be My Brussels Sprout

Submitter: The reasons we find it awful:

  • The awful grunge era cover art
  • The awful title (a follow-up from I am an Artichoke)
  • The cheesiness of the storyline “think how much better you will play after you’ve opened up more, opened up to love”
  • What do Brussels sprouts have to do with anything?
  • The fact that our library has 2 copies of this!

Holly: This came from a middle school library, and I have to agree with them on all counts.  It’s dated.  Sure, a few teens might go for this kind of thing, but in school libraries where budgets and space are tight, this is a reasonable weed.  Kids who were in middle school in 1996 (anywhere from 12 to 14 years old) when this book was written are now 28 to 30 years old. (See, I can do math!)  If the books in the school library are older than the kids they are meant for, they should be *considered* for weeding. (*Yes, there are exceptions!)

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Friday Fiction: Summer Lovin’


Those Summer Girls I Never Met

​Submitter: Oversize 80s Walkman?  Check.  Tight-Rolled Pants?  Check.  Teen with forlorn/bored/dreamy visage?  Check.

And c’mon Drew, just turn your head to the right about six inches and you’ll find that summer girl you say you’ll never meet!  Whether she’ll hear you above that Debbie Gibson she’s rocking out to is another story. . . . . .

Holly:​ But it’s Richard Peck! Someone might want this!

Nah, just kidding. I think the Walkman headbanger next to Drew is his sister, according to these summaries and reviews.  The only people still interested in this title are 30-something moms who remember it fondly and think their teenage kids might too*.

*Hint to those moms: They won’t. Give them ​Hunger Games​ and ​Gossip Girl​ and let this one go.