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teen fiction

Please take me to the Prom

Junior Prom

Another special from the teen fiction section. I saw this cover girl and I wanted to know if maybe she had been practicing posing in front of the mirror to make that awful dress look better.  But I digress. Although prom and dating are staples of teen life and fiction, I would imagine this book could be retired quite easily since no one wants Mom’s super cool 80s look.


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Mom and Weird Wayne

Mom is Dating Weird Wayne coverMom is Dating Weird Wayne

In yet another kid fiction featuring an embarrassing mom, we present this lovely title. Evidently, Dad, the loser, took off with some woman and now the kids are left to “look out” for Mom. Jenna wants to fix her up with the cute math teacher at her school but evidently Mom has the hots for weirdo weatherman. Hijinks are sure to follow.


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Friday Fiction – A Present from Rosita

Present from Rosita coverA Present from Rosita

Submitter: Weeded from my vocational-technical high school library.  Brown pages, last circulation in May 1992, dated cover art and text.  These characteristics for a weeded item are not unusual for my library, but this was foregrounded for me because of the cover blurb that reads, “A gay, courageous girl girl from Puerto Rico braves a new, exciting live in New York City.”  This text is coupled with a picture of two girls walking arm-in-arm.  The contemporary meaning my students would see vs. the original meaning is beautifully ironic!  I wonder if the original cover designer, Elton C. Fox (assuming he did the cover as well) was ahead of his time and intentionally playing with the publisher!

Holly: Kids picking this up today may be disappointed in the story, actually. LGBT literature is popular, and the We Need Diverse Books campaign has made it both accessible and mainstream. I’m sure this is a fine story, but put into the context of today’s young adult literature, it doesn’t really work!