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Partridge Family Terror!

partridge family: marked for terror cover David Cassidy

The Partridge Family #10
Marked for Terror

It is another Friday and of course I am breaking out yet another 70s classic.  Who doesn’t totally dig the Partridge Family?  Yes, youngsters, I am showing my age on these Friday specials.  If Holly can have her 80s Teen Fiction, then I get my 1970s.  I can’t help but laugh when read the words “Marked for Terror” and then look at cutie-pie David Cassidy’s expression. That is pure terror, my friends. Just in case you were wondering, I do know all the lyrics  to C’mon Get Happy.


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Die Trying

Final Exam - coverFinal Exam

Submitter: We found this book in our collection, looking very worn over its 21 years of use.  When I looked at the name on the school of this teen horror book, however, it was just too creepy!  Who knew that nine years later, a school with the same name would go through something much, much worse.

Holly: School name zoomed in below. Creeee-pyyyyy!


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