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Friday Fiction: Summer Lovin’


Those Summer Girls I Never Met

​Submitter: Oversize 80s Walkman?  Check.  Tight-Rolled Pants?  Check.  Teen with forlorn/bored/dreamy visage?  Check.

And c’mon Drew, just turn your head to the right about six inches and you’ll find that summer girl you say you’ll never meet!  Whether she’ll hear you above that Debbie Gibson she’s rocking out to is another story. . . . . .

Holly:​ But it’s Richard Peck! Someone might want this!

Nah, just kidding. I think the Walkman headbanger next to Drew is his sister, according to these summaries and reviews.  The only people still interested in this title are 30-something moms who remember it fondly and think their teenage kids might too*.

*Hint to those moms: They won’t. Give them ​Hunger Games​ and ​Gossip Girl​ and let this one go.

Friday Fiction: Trouble After School

Trouble after school - cover

Trouble After School

In a nutshell, Lee’s Mom takes a sales job (Gasp!). Of course this means the family is doomed. Basically good kid, Lee loses focus, decides to get a leather jacket and hang out with the wrong crowd. Bad guy of the story is a guy named Terry. We know he is trouble because he wears a leather jacket and runs in a gang. Everyone uses words like “sissie” and “swell” and now Lee thinks about joining in for a bit of vandalism. Anyway, Mom rethinks that crazy job idea, a guidance counselor provides guidance.Lee rethinks his slide into a life of thuggery and failure. He gets his grades back up and retires his leather jacket. Cue the music.

I think we can safely retire this one to the book sale. I know fiction is a tough nut to crack when it comes to weeding. In this case, I am sure we can let it go. However, if you are faced with a book you think might still have an audience, you might want to move it into the adult section and see if you have any takers. I firmly believe that a teen section should reflect the tastes and interests of today’s teens, not yesterday’s or in this case, many days before yesterday.

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Friday Fiction: C’mon Get Happy

Keith Partridge Master Spy cover

The Partridge Family #6
Keith Partridge, Master Spy

Last November, I posted  Partridge Family novel called Marked for Terror, which was 1oth in the series. Lo and behold, another book in this awesome series has found its way to my doorstep. This time our super cute rock star, Keith, is on the lookout for a dangerous criminal. Don’t forget Laurie, Danny, as well as the little kids, Chris and Tracey as they all sing and laugh together. (I do remember being mildly disturbed with the change up in actors playing Chris. Maybe I was still reeling from the whole 2 Darrens incident from Bewitched.)  Feel the sexual tension as Shirley Partridge and Ruben Kincaid fight the obvious feelings for one another. Of course, by the end they all ride off into the sunset on the super mod, tricked-out school bus.

Gotta love my 70s television!

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