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The Devil Made Me Do It!

If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew ItIf the Devil “made” you do it, you blew it!

If you remember, I resurrected an old title from 2009 and re-did the post. It’s your lucky day, I have yet another book from the same author.

I have included this lead off scenario about a kid robbing a McDonald’s and hanging around a bad crowd. This is what happens when you quit listening to your parents, quit going to church, and start doing drugs. I hope all of you are taking notes.


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Now With Even More Coolness!

Anyone Can Be Cool coverAnybody Can Be Cool…
But Awesome Takes Practice

This book is a Christian devotional for teens and on one level it is a pretty good choice -short situations and appropriate scripture. So far so good. However, there is no “solution” or even a suggestion of guidance beyond scripture. (There is also some nice guilt and judgment thrown in.) I get it. It’s a devotional, not a self-help. But really if you are going to sell me coolness, I am going to need a bit more. (A LOT more.) A John Tesh look-a-like for the cover is not helping the cool factor either.

If you want even more entertainment, read the comments on Amazon’s page for this book. In other news, this book is still hanging out in a lot of public libraries.

Still, I like to think I am cooler than Holly.


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The Righteous Guide to being a Christian Teen

Christian teens coverIf You Really Trust Me, Why Can’t I Stay Out Later?

Today’s post features a teen devotional out to help kids see through all the lies. The kids on the cover are late 80s at best and probably remind today’s teens of Mom and Dad’s high school photos.  I would imagine any teen shopping in the 200s will just walk on by this title. Teen religious materials are popular in my library, but like all things they age quickly.(Now, I am willing to bet that someone will write me and say that we believe Bibles should be weeded.) I also think there is a lack of decent writing in inspirational nonfiction for teens.  I get the scenarios but I keep thinking the advice is bad. I also think the author needs to tone down the “lies are everywhere” rhetoric. Some of my more religious pals back in high school would have absolutely disliked the obnoxious teen preaching about the evils of evolution.


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