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Dating Tips for Teens

Love and Dating coverLove and Dating

This book looked older than 1994. I would have sworn late 1980s, tops. The advice is not that bad and mostly common sense stuff. The illustrations are awful and that alone would make it weed-able, in my opinion. (I can just imagine my teen patrons rolling eyes at this one.)

Ladies, I encourage you to take a look at how to rate with guys. Obviously, we need to all examine our “ladylike” behavior. (The book doesn’t give us details on what that behavior might mean.)


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Get Your Modern Manners On

The New Seventeen Book of Etiquette and Young Living

Girls! Here is your manual for the good life: wedding planning, wardrobe, job hunting and getting ready for college. Of course you can do this all while being the perfect wife and mother.

As of October 1, 2013 this lovely gem was on the shelf of a teen collection in a small public library. Note the publication date. (This is where Holly would gleefully point out she wasn’t even BORN yet!) History buffs would find this interesting and of course, back in the day this would have been a go-to item for teen etiquette.

This particular edition has more pen and crayon marks than I have seen in a long time, as well as some stained pages. However since this poor book is over 40, I am willing to cut it some slack. The librarians hoarding this gem, however, not so much. Weed it and embrace a copy of one of Miss Manners’ books or Peggy Post (Emily Post’s great granddaughter). Preferably from the last few years.


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Watch out for bad boyfriends

Date Abuse coverDate Abuse

Again we have an important topic, totally appropriate for teen collection in a public library.  However the cover art is just dated and more than a little odd.  It looks like our abuser is trying to lift her up by the belt loops. I get the feeling they wanted a threatening cover, but not “too” threatening. I absolutely think this book is a weeder just on the cover alone. Regardless, I would also like to point out the “don’t blame the victim” speech followed by the comments about how dressing a certain way sends the wrong message.  (Just to be fair…)

I know these materials have costs but old is not better than nothing.  I also know that some of our local women’s shelters have pamphlets and other resources that should augment your collection as well.   Teens deserve something more current than this.


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