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Your Guide to Cool

your guide to cool

The Cool Book
A Teen-Ager’s Guide to Survival in a Square Society


Teens! Do you feel out of the loop? Do you feel you don’t understand all the “squares” trying to make you fit in? Time to be COOL! This book has all the info you need to be one of the cool kids at school. This book will help you figure out all the cool and hilarious rules for dating,  necking, breaking up, and meeting a dreamboat of a guy. Be sure to read some of the sample pages. Best of all, this book has some of the best cool jokes and insults (example: “Aren’t you Lana Turner’s sister, Stomach Turner?”).

Working on my cool factor,



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Getting High

getting high

Getting High
How to Really Do It

This guy is here to show you the REAL way to get high.  I am sure you will be shocked to discover that this book is about motivation and not controlled substance management.

Self-help books, especially for young people, age faster than milk. I also think good cover art is essential for any teen/youth book, especially in nonfiction titles. I am not sure this guy’s face, front and center, is good for any book (regardless of content). My immature brain keeps saying: “what a dork!”



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Suicide DIY?

Everything you need to know about Teen SuicideEverything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide

Submitter: My local library has two copies of the 1988 edition of Everything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide. Plus they have multiple copies of the 4 later editions of this book.  The fact that the publisher found it necessary to update this book 4 times since the 1988 publication tells a lot. This copy has data up to 1985 and resource help from 1988. Awful.

Holly: The title makes it sound like a how-to manual! It’s good that they update it often, but there’s no reason for any library to have multiple copies of anything but the most recent edition. Teen suicide as a result of cyber bullying is a recent trend that really should be covered in a book like this, and there’s no way it’s mentioned in a 1988 edition.


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