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Crafts for Teacher

Teachers Arts Crafts Almanac - coverTeacher’s Arts & Crafts Almanack

Submitter: Props to the author for including all kinds of offbeat holidays and celebrations. (Merry Launching of Sputnik Day! Happy Buddha’s Birthday!)  There is good background information on the days and lots of interesting ideas. Unfortunately, the drawings are absolutely terrible, and all of the illustrations are in black-and-white.  I haven’t tried to make any of these so I don’t know if the instructions are any good.  WorldCat lists holdings in over 100 libraries!

Holly: Books like these were great before the Internet became so accessible. You know, like 20 years ago. This book was written 20 years before that. Arts and crafts books for teachers are still useful in public and school libraries, but they have to be as good or better than Pinterest.



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Teachers, Rise Up!

Political Life of American TeachersThe Political Life of American Teachers

Submitter: When I looked at the cover, I said to myself : “Ouch! When your teacher has this kind of look, you shut up, you sit and you study!” The back of the book indicate some “provocative conclusions which Harmon Zeigler has drawn from a study based on interviews with hundreds of high school teachers.” My favorite? “Male teachers are the underclass of the teaching profession, rebels in a female system.” It almost made me cry…

Holly: I googled Zeigler, and came up with lots of information about  his published works (including this book review), but only his obituary to clue us into his personal life. He seems like a great guy! As for this book, it talks about the low salaries, school conditions, and lack of decision-making power that teachers faced when the book was written. Jazz up the cover and update the terminology, and it could be relevant again today! As-is, though, it’s a weeder for any popular materials public library. Submitter’s quote tells us all we need to know about the outdated cultural references prevalent here.

Hot for Teacher

Forbidden Apple coverThe Forbidden Apple: Sex in the Schools

Submitter: This creeptacular cover has two young students trying to tempt their teacher with apples, just like Eve. Below, I included the section about the Police and their then-hit song, Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Other gems:
Trapping teachers with questionable lie detector test
Firing teachers for a sex change

I worry about one case, scanned below, where the school and parents let a pedophile go without reporting him to the police. Yikes!

Holly: That cover! Ick. This book is a victim of the 80s and needs to be replaced with something more current. It’s an important topic, but this is not helping. Also, I didn’t realize that student-teacher sexual relationships were a “common problem” as indicated below. Sure, it happens, but commonly?

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