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Stress Is Good For You

Stress for Success cover

Stress for Success: How to Make Stress on the Job Work for You

Submitter: I just can’t even.

Holly: Hanson had a few stressy books in the late 80s/early 90s. The Joy of Stress seems to be a popular pick for libraries too, according to Worldcat. He seems extremely qualified, actually, with a background in sports medicine. According to Stressipedia (yup, that’s a thing!), he has done a lot of work in pain management without drugs – pretty important to NFL and NHL players who have to be careful about what shows up in drug tests. Submitter included some screen shots from inside the book (below). In 1991 the “Problems Unique to Women” section was probably more relevant than today. The section on substance abuse says that cocaine “currently produces the most headlines.” Not so much in the midst of our current opioid crisis. So, this book is very outdated.

Outdated books stress me out. I’m going to use that stress to do some weeding. See? I’m making stress on the job work for me!

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Weed the Weed Book

Pot what it is what it does cover

Pot: What it is, What it does

Get it? Weed the weed books? Ha! I’m hilarious.


Pot is a hot topic right now. To be bluntbudding librarians may not get that even drug books have a shelf life. It’s a chronic problem to have books like this taking up space and offering nothing current to the subject. When little Mary Jane has a report to write for school, she’ll want to include current legislation, for example.

Don’t be a dopeBlow this one out of the joint. We’re not just blowing smoke; we’re serious. Weed it.


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Don’t be a “square”! You can rap with your kids about the drug scene.

Kick the Habit cover
How to Kick the Habit!
A Guide to Drug Withdrawal
Alexander and Alexander

This book is super groovy and has lots of advice about methadone treatment and diet to help kick your drug habit. This book is such a throwback to the 70s, it is comical. Along with some advice about how you go about rescuing your child from the drug culture, there is a nice giant vocabulary list  and some Q and A with the Doc to help you “rap with the kids”.

This book is still in “active” circulation in  a public library and I would guess it to be one of the worst books that we have posted with regard to drug abuse and addiction. Weed it!


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