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stranger danger

Those Deadly Strangers

Dangers of Strangers coverThe Dangers of Strangers
Vogel and Goldner

Stranger Danger was all the rage in the 80s. I think this particular book takes the cake in victim blaming and scaring the crap out of any kid and adult. (I slept with the light on after I read this book.) Nice graphic scenarios on kidnapping are laid out in color for the kids to really get a feel for the terror. Not much on prevention either. I guess the kids are doomed. The message was loud and clear: Don’t let this happen to you.

Can we PLEASE retire the whole “strangers are scary” genre for the picture book crowd? From what I understand, kids need to be more afraid of people they actually know.


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It’s Okay to Say Don’t

It's Okay to Say Don'tIt’s Okay to Say “Don’t”
A Book About Protecting Yourself

The 1980s seem to be full of the “stranger danger” books. My personal opinion is that the McMartin Preschool trial brought this subject to near hysteria levels by the late 1980s and 1990s.  I remember there was hardly a day that went by that wasn’t filled with all sorts of bizarre cases.

Regardless, this book is probably a result of that hysteria. This one also has the requisite creepy situations and people,  too. (Note the porn stache on the guy trying to get these kids.)  The solution is say “don’t” and then run away (where is not specified). Having seen quite a few of these types of books float through this site, I will say this isn’t the worst. Check out the links below.



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Strangers Among Us

Stranger Danger coverStranger Danger
A Safety Guide for Children
Quiri and Powell

This is another one of those books that gives me the creeps. I keep wondering if this is the best method for talking to kids about personal safety.  This particular book is a bit different since it doesn’t pretend to be a story.  Situations are presented for discussion.  My first instinct is to weed it because of its age but I rather prefer the format of discussions rather than a story.  Take a look at these illustrations and you be the judge. Heck even the back cover scared me.

Don’t forget our two favorite stranger danger titles, Satan for Kids Part 1 and Satan for kids part 2 .  (By the way, we closed the comments on the Satan books because we were going to blow up the server or I got tired of monitoring for crazy people- pick your favorite answer.)


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