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Oh No! An Ass in Church!


Assassins in the Cathedral: [Festo Kivengere]

Submitter:I was just going through some of your recent posts, and came across the “Butt” Holed book.  It reminded me of an old favorite (now long gone from our collection).  I did manage to capture a picture, and it was around for several months after that to my knowledge.  Sorry it’s a bit blurry – I was probably laughing too hard when I took the picture to get a clear shot. The book was one of several in a series of Christian fiction for grade school children.  I always imagined whoever put the barcode on the cover got a good laugh that day.

Holly:WorldCat’s summary says, “The church in Uganda is threatened by the military and Yacobo must have the strength to survive.”  It’s likely a fine choice for a religious school library and maybe a public library in certain communities.  Now, though, a Christian book for children has “Ass” on the cover. Reeeeal nice.




Sticker Shock


Button Holed

Submitter: Our library has a standard place where we put all our barcodes – in the upper right hand corner of the front cover. I found this title on our New Shelf and proudly on display. The book is brand new & I don’t think it has even circulated once. This would be a good example of a time when Tech Services should have made an exception and moved the barcode down just a little a bit so we could read the whole title. The title is “Buttoned Holed,” but as you can see, a few important letters were covered up.

Holly:  I was reading some new submissions on a Sunday afternoon when this one came in.  I laughed so loudly that I woke my husband up from his football nap. I showed him the cover image above and he cracked up too.  Wow. Just wow. (By the way we are always up for some immature humor on bad processing.  Send along your covers to submit@awfullibrarybooks.net)

Mary:   I just hate bad processing and I wonder how many readers passed this by because of the stupid barcode placement.  (Then I wondered all the people that DID pick this title expecting something else.) I of course , completely crack up at the result. (I like to think my inner 12 year old boy is a bit more mature than Holly’s inner 12 year old boy.)   I read the description and saw the unadulterated cover on Amazon and think this a good choice for a cozy mystery collection.  I am sure librarians everywhere offer humble apologies to the author for this mistake. Don’t weed, repair!

Ass Clown

Jake Drake Class ClownJake Drake, Class Clown

Luckily an alert ALB reader sent this in today!  Now we have an Ass Clown to go with the Ass President. Just say NO to bad processing. Now I am wondering how many Ass books are out there ruining the middle school kids!  🙂