Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count


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Tumble Over To The Sports Section

Sport's Illustrated Tumbling Cover

Sports Illustrated

First, I thought all of the stuff in this book was really called “gymnastics”. Is there a difference? Directed at both athletes and coaches, there are some funky drawings and detailed instructions on how to do many gymnastic events. Even if the essential activities are the same, coaching, new equipment, and training techniques will change over time. A nice example of how sports evolved comes from my mother who was told that “girls should only play half court basketball as it may disturb their reproductive parts.” I can hear every female basketball player cringing at that one.

Get over to the sport’s section and take a look. There might be some really awful weeders waiting for you.



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That’s One Badminton

Badminton - coverBadminton
Sports Techniques Series
The Athletic Institute

Submitter: Make them go away!  These sports books are the walking dead of our collection–never quite eliminated. They keep staggering into view. I’m sure the game and terminology hasn’t changed much since 1969, but I’ll be looking for a replacement with color illustrations and players who don’t look embalmed.  The cover is so boring, no middle schooler here has ever opened it–oh, what they were missing!  Another one bites the dust!

Holly: Oooh, yeah. If this was for middle schoolers, the cover alone is the kiss of death.




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Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy - coverJump for Joy: The Rebounding Exercise Book

Submitter: I work in a public library and this book came in from one of our partners to fill a reserve.

Holly: I bet the patron who requested it was disappointed, although the 1984 pub date should have tipped them off. The black and white pictures, as well as the models’ outfits, are pretty dated. I especially like the business man who keeps a trampoline in his office, pictured below. My staff would never let me hear the end of it if I was bouncing around in my office.

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