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special needs

Don’t Look at Me!

Don't Look at Me cover

Don’t Look at Me
A child’s book about feeling different

Regulars to our site will immediately recognize the creepy cover illustration style as one of our favorite authors here at ALB.  For you new folks, prepare for some shock and awfulness.

Today’s book features Patrick, a boy who is dumb (his words). Other kids call him stupid and retard. Some call him fat and stupid. Mom and Dad have been overheard saying that Patrick is retarded and won’t go to college. Don’t worry, he has a lamb in the barn that is, of course, black.  The black lamb “talks” to him and tells him he is good and just needs some extra help and, of course, to work very hard. Problem solved. See how easy it is?

I am sure all of you feel much better now.


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Living Fully

Living Fully cover

Living Fully
A Guide for Young People with a Handicap, Their Parents, Their Teachers, & Professionals

This is a book of essays with resources for families with handicapped children. It also contains some discussion of job hunting, sex, and independence for the handicapped. Not a bad selection for the 1970s and 80s. The handicaps are not specific, so I have to wonder if the advice is too generic.

Special education has changed so much since the 1970s that this book is beyond outdated. Of course an education collection or archive might find this useful, but otherwise all others can weed it.


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More Special Ed

mental retardation coverMental Retardation

Some books are just obvious.  This came to me from an alert media specialist weeding her elementary school collection.  I also found copies in quite a few public libraries.  Yes we can debate the use of “mental retardation” as a pejorative all day until the next. I would stick “retarded” into a search box and see what comes up.  Usually that is a fast way to find outdated materials. Anyway, regardless of terminology, the science/health aspects of this book are grossly outdated.  Seriously, this is a no-brainer.  Weed it.


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