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special education

Special Ed for Kids

coverLearning My Way
I’m a Winner
Swenson and Kunz

This is part of a series on helping children cope with social situations, friendship, and other minefields of life. This book walks children through the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities. In this kid’s case, ADHD.

I get the intention of these books, but I am not a fan. They usually have no story or read like a textbook. In this case, we also get the bonus of few illustrations. (The cover really bugs me. The kid’s arms seem wrong.) I also have to wonder how you get a kid with attention problems to sit still long enough to read this boring story.



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The Retarded Reader

Understanding and Helping the Retarded Reader

Understanding and Helping the Retarded Reader

Submitter: My local library has a small section on education help. Here is an ancient book from the proceedings of a conference on reading problems held in 1962. Scholarly, and not much help to a public patron who might be dealing with this issue.

Holly: This is in a public library? Whyyyyy?

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More Special Ed

mental retardation coverMental Retardation

Some books are just obvious.  This came to me from an alert media specialist weeding her elementary school collection.  I also found copies in quite a few public libraries.  Yes we can debate the use of “mental retardation” as a pejorative all day until the next. I would stick “retarded” into a search box and see what comes up.  Usually that is a fast way to find outdated materials. Anyway, regardless of terminology, the science/health aspects of this book are grossly outdated.  Seriously, this is a no-brainer.  Weed it.


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