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Don’t Surrender to Snack Attacks!

snack attack cover

How to Survive Snack Attacks…Naturally
Zucker and Zucker

Drop that chocolate chip cookie! Try carob instead. The twin authors are all about promoting the no sugar, no refined flour, no salt and evidently no fun lifestyle. The girls also demonstrate some activities such as tennis, biking and evidently some yoga headstands. I looked through the recipes and found very few that would entice me away from Doritos with a chocolate chaser.


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Tasty Party Snacks

500 Tasty Snacks recipes

500 Tasty Snacks
Ideas for Entertaining

I think a good rule of thumb for cookbooks is that one should be able to identify the food pictured. Some of these old cookbooks seem to delight in NOT looking like something edible. Anyway, as we approach the holiday weekend, I am sure you will want to run, not walk, to the store and make some of these delightful treats for your 4th of July party. I am sure your guests will be delighted with hard-cooked eggs in jellied bouillon or jelled salmon.


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Popcorn cookery

Popcorn Cookery coverPopcorn Cookery

I had no idea that popcorn needed its own cookbook. Straight from the 1970s you can make all these cool popcorn snacks. Personally, I was only aware of some basic iterations of popcorn, like regular and kettle corn, but this book introduces grinding popped corn and using it as a filler or as a coating. All worthy ideas, but I keep thinking this is a lot of work.

This isn’t that “awful” in the grand scheme of cookbooks we have had on the site, but it certainly looks old and my particular copy was kind of sad looking. Maybe the cooks out there can give me some insider advice on having a cookbook devoted to popcorn. Is it overkill?


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