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petting generation cover

The Petting Generation

This is what I like to call “nonfiction erotica.” I am not sure that is really a thing, but I am running into enough examples to make me think so.  This is probably the best example of true stories or case studies that detail (and I mean DETAIL) the finer nuances of making out. Our author has a few other titles that you probably won’t want to miss, such as:  Sex Behavior of the Homosexual, Sex Behavior of the Lesbian, and last, but not least, Man to Man: A Report on Homosexuality.

I couldn’t find any credentials for our author, so maybe this is also self-reported “data.” I am not sure that today’s audience would even know what petting and necking entail. Remember, I am rather old and those terms weren’t used in my formative years. (Get off my lawn!)

Obviously this needs updating and some solid first hand accounts. Anyone volunteering?


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Like, Love, Lust

Like Love Lust coverLike, Love, Lust: A View of Sex and Sexuality

Submitter: My local public library has three copies of this 1980 love advice book in their system.  All 3 copies are in the juvenile collections. So much of this book references current 1980’s topics, or recent stories in the news, that I would be surprised if any young adult would know what they were talking about. Anita Bryant being a good example. There are parts of this book that are still vaguely current, but plenty that are out of date.  A few of the gems from this  book are:
Pg. 29 – “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
Pg. 40-41 Guessing who might be a Homosexual.
Pg. 50 – Talking about orange juice siren, Anita Bryant.

Holly:What is it about books in this category that makes librarians not want to weed? The examples in this book are so out of date, as Submitter points out. Attitudes toward sex have changed even since 1980, so books in this category should really reflect the current era. About ten years is all you can realistically expect to get out of books like this. Maaaaybe 20, but definitely not 36.


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Sex After 60

Active Sex After 60 coverActive Sex After Sixty

Submitter: The library has been in the news lately when news broke about the large amounts of books they recently weeded. I guess they missed these two.

Holly: I guess so! The book itself was probably just fine for a public library in 1969. I take no exception to the topic it covers, at least. Dr. Rubin was 78 when he wrote this book (born in 1891), so at least his over-60 clientele could relate. Nowadays, I wouldn’t trust the information to be accurate. A more “interesting” note about Dr. Rubin is that he was a eugenicist. One of his most popular books was “Eugenics and Sex Harmony” in 1933. I’ll pass on that one, thank you, but “Your Mysterious Glands” sounds fascinating.

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