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sexual health

Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids

Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids - coverDr. Ruth Talks to Kids: Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About

Submitter: The cover image attached features an endearing but very old lady who looks way too much like my grandma.  I saw this one and laughed because I could just imagine talking to my grandma about condoms, wet dreams, masturbation… (shudder) The details in the book are surprisingly sensitive and well-written, so it was a hard decision to weed it.  Ultimately I weeded it because it’s dated, in both appearance and content.  I’m also enclosing one page from the section on contraception that shows how dated it is. Time to put this grandma out to pasture and make way for all the other beautifully-illustrated books we’ve gotten recently on sex and puberty.

Holly: The image below may or may not be NSFW, depending on your workplace. Dr. Ruth talks very candidly, with pictures, about contraception in that one. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is 88 years old, and while she is still alive, I don’t know that she is still the person kids turn to for answers about sex. (Or is she? I don’t have kids, and I’m not a children’s librarian either. What say you, parents and youth librarians?) She was absolutely groundbreaking, totally approachable and frank and honest. I’m curious to know if Submitter is familiar with Dr. Ruth? The submission is totally true – she looks like a very nice grandma, but I can’t tell if Submitter is aware of who Dr. Ruth is or not. This book was published in 1993, and I am a child of the 1980s, but this image is exactly how I will always think of Dr. Ruth. I would have asked her anything and not been embarrassed. She was that good at what she did. In fact, it was almost because she looks like a nice grandma that she was so approachable. That said, I’d probably still weed this book. There are different contraceptive options available these days, for one thing.

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Sex is More Than a Plumbing Lesson

Sex is more than a plumbing lesson - coverSex is More Than a Plumbing Lesson: A Parents’ Guide to Sexuality Education for Infants Through the Teen Years

Submitter: This book is  pretty corny. Being 25 years old, it lacking any of the new issues facing kids when it comes to sex (i.e. sexting). I would have loved a few sexual plumbing jokes in this book. Now that would have been a good read.

Holly: Meh. I’ve seen worse, but I agree that to be most effective, these kinds of books need to be fairly current. They should cover sexting, for sure!


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Sex Ed Marine Style

Straight Talk - coverSex: If You’re Scared of the Truth Don’t Read This

Submitter: I’m submitting a book that landed on my desk as an unwanted mailing this afternoon, and was just as quickly tossed in the trash.  We are a small private school, and obviously biased materials like this are books we try to avoid.  It’s interesting that Worldcat lists 10 libraries as owning this book; none of them are school libraries.  Many thanks for the hours of amusement that you’ve provided!

Holly: You’re welcome!  Since this was submitted, three more libraries have holdings added to WorldCat.  They appear to be mostly public libraries, which is definitely a more appropriate place for it.  There are families that might opt for this style of sex education.  I’m not saying it’s an out-and-out awful library book.  This kind of thing needs to be looked at carefully before it is added to any collection, though.  Remember that unwanted mailing of the dental book? If you don’t look carefully at these books that show up unsolicited, you could end up with something that doesn’t fit your community’s needs.

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