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Fashionable You

looking good coverLooking Good

Another fashion choice compliments of your library. Not a bad purchase for 1996 in terms of information. Lots of basics for fit and coordinating fashion choices. Also many of the “live” models are of different sizes and shapes, too bad every single person in this book is white. I guess people of color don’t need fashion help.

We have another mention of that 80s and 90s trend of color analysis. Even back in the day, I could not tell the difference from one season to another or what colors looked “better”. I guess I am doomed to be a pasty librarian wearing the wrong color cardigan.


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Stylish Looks You Can Make

Sewing without a pattern coverSewing without a Pattern

Submitter: I’m teen librarian working in a public library in [Louisiana] and I have been weeding our teen nonfiction section and separating it from the adult nonfiction. I’ve come across many awful books, but just recently I’ve found a truly awful book. Surely there are new books on this topic. This book is from 1972! 44 years old! This book is 44 years old! I can’t believe my library still has this book much less thinks that teens would want to check it out.

Holly: Good catch. It doesn’t belong in either collection – adult or teen non-fiction! It belongs in the book sale, where it will be sold in a matter of minutes. Sweet lampshade hat, though (see image below).


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Sewing Basics

McCall's Sewing Book coverMcCall’s Sewing Book

This book was a really good choice and probably could have lasted for longer than most books. The details are good and illustrations are helpful. It does not take into consideration more modern fabrics and the examples and illustrations just look dated. It is a good all-purpose sewing book and I might be tempted to keep it, especially if I had no alternatives. It would have been a slam dunk in the 1960s and I probably could have kept this almost into the 1980s. Time to weed and honor this book for a long service to the library.


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