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Like a Living Doll

Kids Clothes by Meredith Gladstone: A Sewing Book

Submitter: I found this at my local library. I knew I had to send it to you. It’s just dreadfully outdated – who is circ’ing this book???  OK, me, but that was just so I could get a color scan to send you.  The pictures are very 70’s “kids jus’ bein’ kids” natural – which actually makes it look like a child psychology textbook or something. The trippy picture with the rabbit jacket – the kid is like, ‘dude, I can see right through my hand!’ The obligatory plaid pants picture.  And Gregory.  No words…  My only hesitation to send this to you is that those kids in the pictures are my age now.  I feel bad for them.

Holly: Wow.  What was Gregory’s mom thinking?  I’m sure someone will think of a reason why this book is a great idea for a public library, but I just don’t see it.  One or two good patterns do not make a book worthy of an inch of shelf space.

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