Blanket Fashion

Quilted Clothing

As a half-baked fan of sewing and quilting, I can appreciate the skills that these examples show off. I can also appreciate that they are warm enough for the toughest winters. I recognize that my uniform of dresses and cardigans for work hardly make me a fashionista, even among the librarians. I still have to say no to wearing a blanket.

Actually, some of these patterns and color choices would make interesting quilts. However, a nice quilt doesn’t necessarily translate into a great fashion choice. This is right up there with my dislike of remade sweatshirts. (Type sweatshirts into our search box and behold the numerous examples of questionable clothing.)

easy vests cover

Double your fashion statement

Easy Reversible Vests

If you look back on the books we have posted about sewing and knitting, vests seem to be the fashion accessory. I honestly don’t get it. I love quilts and quilting, I just don’t want to wear one. The only person I can think of that pulled off the vest look was Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

And yet I bring you another vest book. This time you will really get your money’s worth with the whole reversible thing. If they were actual quilts instead of a “fashion statement” I would be all over the color choices and techniques. I think I am going to say that the quilted vest needs to be retired as a concept. (Right next to the fancy sweatshirts) Make a lovely quilt for the guest room instead.

Sewing Casual Clothes cover

Sewing Casual Clothes

Better Homes and Gardens: Sewing Casual Clothes

Submitter: My library holds an annual new book drive where we work with a local group who feed k-12 kids in food-insecure situations to provide a (hopefully) brand-new book to each kid over the winter break along with enough food to last them until school starts again. Unfortunately, sometimes we get donations that are weeded from other libraries, including this gem. I can’t imagine any current teenagers wearing any of this. For that matter, no one of my generation would have worn any of this either, and I’m getting old.

Holly: A book drive is not an opportunity to clean out your basement, people. Have a heart.