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Senior Romance

How to find romance after 40 coverHow to Find Romance After 40

Submitter: When I spot check the shelves for weeding, my eye is always drawn to yellow toned books. Here is one that caught my eye at my local library. How to Find Romance After 40 was published in 1985. This would mean that the people this book was written for then, would be 70+ today. Great choice for 1985, not so valuable today. The Male Shopping list on page 186 says “Does not Keep Cats.” Well that can probably eliminate most of us librarians, lol.

Holly: This is completely irrelevant because it doesn’t mention online dating. I also love that the examples of women in their 40s include Joan Collins, Sophia Loren, Linda Grey, and Jane Fonda.

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Sex After 60

Active Sex After 60 coverActive Sex After Sixty

Submitter: The library has been in the news lately when news broke about the large amounts of books they recently weeded. I guess they missed these two.

Holly: I guess so! The book itself was probably just fine for a public library in 1969. I take no exception to the topic it covers, at least. Dr. Rubin was 78 when he wrote this book (born in 1891), so at least his over-60 clientele could relate. Nowadays, I wouldn’t trust the information to be accurate. A more “interesting” note about Dr. Rubin is that he was a eugenicist. One of his most popular books was “Eugenics and Sex Harmony” in 1933. I’ll pass on that one, thank you, but “Your Mysterious Glands” sounds fascinating.

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Senior Travel

Travel Easy - cover

Travel Easy
The Practical Guide for People Over 50

Lucky for me I am over fifty and I have decided that maybe I need a vacation! (I don’t think Labor Day is going to be enough.) Lucky for me, I found this awesome book from 1985. I took the mini quiz and decided I can handle traveling alone. (The idea of hanging around other seniors while we tour some exotic location is not my idea of a vacation.)  Travel information goes stale quickly. After the holiday weekend, go over to the travel section and do some fall cleaning.

Enjoy Labor Day everyone. Don’t worry, all your regulars will be there waiting for you to fix their problems on Tuesday.


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