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A Real Woman is a Pretty Woman

discovering a lovlier you cover

Discovering a Lovelier You

If you remember, we have featured a few of these books (because one book just wouldn’t be enough to fix what is wrong with women). Remember how to figure out your man? Or how about finding fulfillment as a woman through crafts?

Today’s selection is about making yourself as pretty as possible. Those crazy women libbers want you to be ugly. There is a bunch of self-esteem messages along with all the beauty tips. Throughout the book, the author advises  that those women libber types don’t know what they are talking about. Every woman wants to look her best!

Who doesn’t want to sit in front of the mirror doing facial exercises to achieve feminine fulfillment?


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House of Crack

House that Crack Built coverThe House that Crack Built

I don’t get this one. It really is a poem/story about the house that crack built. I get that. What I don’t get is why you would read this to a child? Maybe it is for adults? Maybe I am to read it as a statement on the economic and social justice issues of the drug trade?  All worthy reasons to buy this. I am just not sure I would put it in the kiddie section with the picture books. Regardless, the artwork is beyond wonderful, and I can see purchasing it for a public library on that alone.

Maybe this is a definite purchase, but where do we put it?


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Get your “strokes” here

TA for Kids coverTA for Kids
Powerful techniques for developing self-esteem

Anyone heard of the book Games People Play or I’m Okay, You’re Okay or the term “TA”? I ask because when I explained to Holly about this awesome old book she thought I was talking about “t!ts and ass.”  She wondered if this post would be SFW . Sorry to disappoint, but it isn’t that kind of T and A. (Click here to read the Wikipedia article about TA.) In the 60s and 70s, this was THE pop psychology idea of the time. I had a teacher as an undergrad that was a complete convert to the TA lifestyle.  Every class was about games, “strokes,” and if we were “okay”.  He talked like this all the time, complete with touching and hugs. It was awful.

So here we have this book.  All for the kids. Probably a great purchase for the 1970s, but I can’t imagine anyone having a TA parenting style today. (The jargon alone is weed-worthy.) I will say that probably Games People Play or I’m Okay, You’re Okay are probably keepers for a large psychology collection, but  this one probably can be tossed without too much fanfare.  Psychology people, please weigh in on TA for the modern collection. I know I have a bias, and probably a mild case of PTSD from my exposure in 1979.


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