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Groovy Self Defense


Self-Protection Guidebook for Girls and Women
Neff and Reid

Submitter: Okay, so this is a pretty serious subject. But it is SO hard to take it seriously, when these pictures are so hilarious! This girl looks like she’s possessed with man-hatred, and the guy looks like a total wimp. Plus, they’re both wearing high waist bell bottoms. Self protection can be GROOVY! Awesome.  One of our staff joked “….self-defense in case you’re attacked by a Bee Gee!”

Holly: The cover looks more like they’re disco dancing than fighting.

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Hands Off!

Hands Off coverHands Off!:  Hap-ki-do self defence for women
Adams and Webster

Now wait just a minute!  I was about to say that even though this book is old, its techniques are probably mostly valid to keep it around if it is all a library had.  Then I read the back cover (above).  The paragraph about how hap-ki do is perfect for women because it requires no real strength nor years of training to perfect the moves is just insulting.  Many, many women I know are a lot stronger physically than many, many men I know!  I don’t think women shy away from activity that takes years to perfect, either.  Maybe they did in 1986 when “attitudes [were] changing,” as the back cover notes, but not in 2011.

Still, the book is probably ok if it’s the best you can do.  If you’ve got something more current and less insulting, even better.  I’d only weed it if you don’t have/can’t get something better.


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Implement Weaponry

101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense
by Rodney R Rice

Thank you, submitter, for another look at women’s self-defense.   This one does have some good advice, but it’s a little out of date.  Who has a banana clip in their purse?  A computer disk?  A cactus? Is that a bra she’s choking the guy on the cover with?  They don’t come off quite that quickly or easily…

Check out these images from inside the book:

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