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Fun with Assault

looking forward to being attacked cover

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Since Holly and I are trying get our website in shape, I started thinking about some of our first books. More like a “where are they now” type of moment. This particular book always made me laugh and I wondered if I could find it and really take a look.

I found a copy and I have looked at this book cover to cover. I am cracking up even harder than I did in 2009. It is still an awesome book, complete with some lovely late 1970s fashion and women fending off criminals. You will notice in our first safety scenario a guy with a paper bag on his head is grabs a woman’s breasts. Really.  For all our librarians, you will appreciate the scenario of being attacked in the library. Note the book on the floor: Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm (1941). Nice artistic touch for the scenario. Too bad there is a continuity error in the next photo when the book disappears. Maybe the criminal wanted a newer edition? If you want to see the original post, click here. There is a nice pic of the table of contents.

Stay Safe Out There!


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Surviving Hostage Situations

Surviving Hostage Situations coverSurviving Hostage Situations
Spear & Moak

Submitter: Given the cover photo, I was surprised that it wasn’t older. You can read this book to learn how to attack your kidnapper, escape safely from captivity, deal with a hijacker on board an airplane, build your own safe room (hermetically sealed to prevent chemical attacks, don’t you know?), and more!

Favorite artwork: — the eyeball gouging technique; selecting a hiding place (“Look how much fun we’re having kids!”); the Ninja-like rescue attempt; and the Japanese Red Army skyjacking (what on earth is the female passenger on the right wearing — go go boots and a bikini top? I don’t even know where to begin on the cover photo as it’s hilarious on so many levels, and I certainly don’t think that was the authors’ intention. At the end, the authors have thoughtfully included several appendices, including one titled “A fill-in-the-blanks family contingency plan for hostage situations.” Just what every American family needs.

I honestly can’t understand why anyone would have purchased this for a public library.  (Did we sit around 25 years ago in a constant state of paranoia, worrying about being kidnapped?)  I simply can’t imagine a patron checking this out and taking it home to review with the kids.  Leafing through this book reminded me of the Cold War era when school children were taught how to hide under their desks in the event of a nuclear attack and every school had a fallout shelter.

Holly: I can see teachers checking this out as part of a lesson, but not in the last 15 years. All of the real-life hostage situations that have happened since 1989 in the world news have made some of the examples in this book obsolete. Getting into an airplane cockpit, for example, is much more difficult now. The idea for the book is ok for public libraries, but this one is too old (and, yes, a bit over-dramatic in delivery).

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Groovy Self Defense


Self-Protection Guidebook for Girls and Women
Neff and Reid

Submitter: Okay, so this is a pretty serious subject. But it is SO hard to take it seriously, when these pictures are so hilarious! This girl looks like she’s possessed with man-hatred, and the guy looks like a total wimp. Plus, they’re both wearing high waist bell bottoms. Self protection can be GROOVY! Awesome.  One of our staff joked “….self-defense in case you’re attacked by a Bee Gee!”

Holly: The cover looks more like they’re disco dancing than fighting.

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