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Wonders of Dust

Wonders of Dust


Wonders of Dust

I can just picture the publisher pitch  meeting: “What we really need is a book about dust!” It just seems like a random topic that you wouldn’t need (or care) to read a book about. Sort of like this book about wax.

It’s not actually a bad book, though it is horribly old and outdated. It talks about asbestos, dust on the surface of the moon, different kinds of dust particles, the Dust Bowl, dust clouds that hang over cities…all kinds of fascinating details about dust. It is a juvenile book written with very adult terminology and in a very dry style, so all those interesting ideas are really lost in it’s boring cover and format. A kid might actually be interested in dust if the book came in a more exciting package.


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Lasers Work Like This

Lasers cover


Lasers Work Like This


Lasers! What a great topic for a children’s non-fiction book! This was pretty cutting edge stuff in 1969 when the book was published. Some of the topics are still relevant, such as lasers used in surgery, but the technology has been finessed a lot since 1969. The cover was one of those plain, rebound types with no title on it, so what you see here is the title page. The whole thing is presented in such a boring way, and the information shared is so old-fashioned, that kids will surely be disappointed.

Also, they really buried the lead in the postscript on death rays. They should have led with that to spark a kid’s interest.

Lame! Weed and replace.



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Retro STEM

The How and Why Wonder Book Of
Beginning Science

Okay all you budding science nerds! Filled with simple experiments and some retro illustrations, you can see these Stepford kids growing up to be kick ass scientists or possibly robots. Aside from the illustrations, my favorite page is on safety tips that really aren’t about working with dangerous materials or lab related safety. It’s an extra page to remind kids not to kill themselves by being stupid.  Who needs protective safety glasses when you might have to be using a penny to get your fuse box running.


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