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Friday Fiction: Big Planet

Big Planet coverBig Planet

Big Planet is home some of the rejects and ne’er do wells floating around the galaxy. Very earthlike, but much larger, hence the name Big Planet. Good guy Claude Glystra and his team are going to finally clean up and stop the slave trade and arms importing on the planet. Of course, they run into trouble and have to make their way back to the Earth Enclave, the safest point. This means having to deal with some petty tyrants and other folks who want them gone. Like a Star Trek landing party, they run into some interesting societies and customs along the way.

Vance had an expansive career and died last May at age 96.  He had quite the career. You can read the Wikipedia article here.


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WTF Cover Art: Timepivot – Friday Fiction

Timepivot coverTimepivot

I really don’t know where to begin. Is it the giant ear on the naked woman’s body? Is the giant floating eyeball? The Galactic Federation really has some explaining to do. I am not even sure what is going on and I have read the prologue and a few chapters.

Evidently, a mining crew led by a guy named O’Flynn, has found a sensor and calibrator that was embedded in 300 million year old rock.  O’Flynn calls this anomaly in to the supervisors and before you know it, he is fighting for his life. I will keep reading because I really want to know how this insane cover art fits with the story.


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Venus on the Half-Shell

Venus on the Half Shell coverVenus on the Half-Shell
1975 (paperback)

Here is some Friday Fiction that I picked up for no other reason than I love the cover art. It was only after doing some cursory research that I discovered Kilgore Trout is a fictional character created by none other than Kurt Vonnegut and Venus on the Half-Shell was actually written by Phillip Jose Farmer. After taking a look at this book’s pedigree, I am totally reading this!



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