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Safety First

First Book of Safety coverA First Book of Safety
Bolian and Hinds

Safety books have been finding their way to me lately.  I am fascinated by the change in emphasis over time.  Strangers are the big deal in the 1980s, while the 60s and 70s all seem to have issues with snake bites. Growing up in the Midwest in the 60s and 70s, other than running into the occasional garter snake, I don’t remember snakes being a particular issue.  Just looking at the cover with the kid riding a bike with no helmet dates this book to the dark ages.  I am also glad that the cover art showed the dangers of ironing.  I personally avoid the iron at all costs.  🙂

Stay safe everyone!



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Strangers Among Us

Stranger Danger coverStranger Danger
A Safety Guide for Children
Quiri and Powell

This is another one of those books that gives me the creeps. I keep wondering if this is the best method for talking to kids about personal safety.  This particular book is a bit different since it doesn’t pretend to be a story.  Situations are presented for discussion.  My first instinct is to weed it because of its age but I rather prefer the format of discussions rather than a story.  Take a look at these illustrations and you be the judge. Heck even the back cover scared me.

Don’t forget our two favorite stranger danger titles, Satan for Kids Part 1 and Satan for kids part 2 .  (By the way, we closed the comments on the Satan books because we were going to blow up the server or I got tired of monitoring for crazy people- pick your favorite answer.)


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Stranger Danger (again!)

Who Is a Stranger and What Should I Do?

Did you know bad strangers are everywhere and are trying to get you?  And you can’t recognize them…. they are everywhere.  This book isn’t too bad considering its age.  It is a bit creepy for the illustrations.  All of the bad guys (and they are all guys) look like they are pedophiles.  Stranger safety is important, but I find this book a little heavy on text.  There is more scare than information in my opinion.

Check out our other posts about the bad people who are going to get you.

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Satan For Kids



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