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Implement Weaponry

101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense
by Rodney R Rice

Thank you, submitter, for another look at women’s self-defense.   This one does have some good advice, but it’s a little out of date.  Who has a banana clip in their purse?  A computer disk?  A cactus? Is that a bra she’s choking the guy on the cover with?  They don’t come off quite that quickly or easily…

Check out these images from inside the book:

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To catch a predator

Never Say Yes To A Stranger

I plucked this from a youth non fiction collection of a small library.  Was ready to toss just because its old, but the content starting creeping me out and I kept thinking this was a bit too graphic and scary for youth.   This book is filled with kidnapping scenarios that would scare the wits out of anyone.  I like the idea of stranger awareness but this one is just too much.  Using photos, the author illustrates an actual abduction and resolution.  Very detailed.  Keep in mind I have only included about half the number of pictures, but you will get the drift of the story. Continue reading

Fun with Crime

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Submitter: Talk about putting a positive light on something bad,  Looking Forward to Being Attacked was written by Lt. Jim Bullard from the Memphis Police Department.  It was published in 1977.  I included the table of contents to demonstrate how Lt. Bullard just oozes optimism.

Holly: Looks like a great book with a weird approach and title.  No one looks forward to being attacked, even if they are a master at self-defense.  Oh, I get it!  He is being clever.  This was re-released in 1987.  With cell phones and car alarms, I think self-defense books in public libraries should be more up to date than this.  Please weed!

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