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Drownproofing coverDrownproofing: The Original Explanation of This Revolutionary Water Safety and Survival Technique

​Submitter: We’d like to submit a lovely tome we unearthed in our library collection as we were shelf-browsing for kayak-related material.  This just solidifies that, after our rush of summer reading program activity, we need to focus on a systematic weeding intervention, and fast!  My staff all breathed a sigh of relief when we found out even “country kids” (as well as old ladies and fat men) could succeed in drownproofing themselves.  The illustrations are downright unsettling, the text is apparently meant for white people (who knew the color of your skin affected your ability to be drownproofed??), and there are even ethical discussions about, should you want to take up the yoke of drownproofing others, whether you believe it’s ok to tie people up in the water so they might have the true drownproofing experience.  Let’s start weeding!

​Holly:​ Yeah, very few of these techniques would be approved by the Red Cross or any other survival/safety association these days.  Mary – let’s tie you up like the guy in the last picture (below) and see if you drown! No? Weeder!

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Safety First

First Book of Safety coverA First Book of Safety
Bolian and Hinds

Safety books have been finding their way to me lately.  I am fascinated by the change in emphasis over time.  Strangers are the big deal in the 1980s, while the 60s and 70s all seem to have issues with snake bites. Growing up in the Midwest in the 60s and 70s, other than running into the occasional garter snake, I don’t remember snakes being a particular issue.  Just looking at the cover with the kid riding a bike with no helmet dates this book to the dark ages.  I am also glad that the cover art showed the dangers of ironing.  I personally avoid the iron at all costs.  🙂

Stay safe everyone!



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Child Safety is No Accident!

Child Safety is No Accident
A Parents’ Handbook of Emergencies
Arena and Bachar

Learned a lot of stuff in this book.

  • Mine shafts are not appropriate for children to play in or around.
  • How to remove a fishhook from the child’s hand.
  • Car seat safety tips.
  • SIDS might be prevented by loose clothing and a well ventilated room.
  • Discarded refrigerators are a hazardous.

Time to weed this one and get some updated safety information.

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