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Child Safety is No Accident!

Child Safety is No Accident
A Parents’ Handbook of Emergencies
Arena and Bachar

Learned a lot of stuff in this book.

  • Mine shafts are not appropriate for children to play in or around.
  • How to remove a fishhook from the child’s hand.
  • Car seat safety tips.
  • SIDS might be prevented by loose clothing and a well ventilated room.
  • Discarded refrigerators are a hazardous.

Time to weed this one and get some updated safety information.

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Stranger Danger (again!)

Who Is a Stranger and What Should I Do?

Did you know bad strangers are everywhere and are trying to get you?  And you can’t recognize them…. they are everywhere.  This book isn’t too bad considering its age.  It is a bit creepy for the illustrations.  All of the bad guys (and they are all guys) look like they are pedophiles.  Stranger safety is important, but I find this book a little heavy on text.  There is more scare than information in my opinion.

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Implement Weaponry

101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense
by Rodney R Rice

Thank you, submitter, for another look at women’s self-defense.   This one does have some good advice, but it’s a little out of date.  Who has a banana clip in their purse?  A computer disk?  A cactus? Is that a bra she’s choking the guy on the cover with?  They don’t come off quite that quickly or easily…

Check out these images from inside the book:

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