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Private Zone!

private zone cover

Private Zone

Another book for parents and kids to keep them all nice and safe. Not bad, but certainly not great. Since this book was published in the early 1980s, most people believed that sexual assault was the creepy stranger, when in actuality it is more likely to be someone known to the victim. This publication coincides with national media coverage of the disappearance of Etan Patz  and the murder and abduction of Adam Walsh.

There is, and was, a lot of material produced that addressed the issues of stranger danger and child exploitation. Not surprisingly, quite a few titles have ended up memorialized here on our site for a variety of reasons. Be sure to check out the links to other titles.



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Home Firearm Safety

Home Firearm Safety coverHome Firearm Safety
National Rifle Association of America

Submitter: Uncanniest book cover… ever? Note the passive man in the recliner staring at a blank TV screen, the stains on the carpet, and that menacing, satisfied look on the gun owner’s face.

Holly: This was submitted on our Facebook page, but it was too good not to post here too. The woman looks so serene. Just a housewife, cleaning her gun. You know, ‘cuz it’s Tuesday. The dude in the chair better watch himself.

Mary: My first thought looking at the cover was that she just capped hubs and is now cleaning up. The other pictures are also kind of weird.  There is a definite “children of the corn” type of glaze on the people featured.

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Drownproofing coverDrownproofing: The Original Explanation of This Revolutionary Water Safety and Survival Technique

​Submitter: We’d like to submit a lovely tome we unearthed in our library collection as we were shelf-browsing for kayak-related material.  This just solidifies that, after our rush of summer reading program activity, we need to focus on a systematic weeding intervention, and fast!  My staff all breathed a sigh of relief when we found out even “country kids” (as well as old ladies and fat men) could succeed in drownproofing themselves.  The illustrations are downright unsettling, the text is apparently meant for white people (who knew the color of your skin affected your ability to be drownproofed??), and there are even ethical discussions about, should you want to take up the yoke of drownproofing others, whether you believe it’s ok to tie people up in the water so they might have the true drownproofing experience.  Let’s start weeding!

​Holly:​ Yeah, very few of these techniques would be approved by the Red Cross or any other survival/safety association these days.  Mary – let’s tie you up like the guy in the last picture (below) and see if you drown! No? Weeder!

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