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Private Zone!

private zone cover

Private Zone

Another book for parents and kids to keep them all nice and safe. Not bad, but certainly not great. Since this book was published in the early 1980s, most people believed that sexual assault was the creepy stranger, when in actuality it is more likely to be someone known to the victim. This publication coincides with national media coverage of the disappearance of Etan Patz  and the murder and abduction of Adam Walsh.

There is, and was, a lot of material produced that addressed the issues of stranger danger and child exploitation. Not surprisingly, quite a few titles have ended up memorialized here on our site for a variety of reasons. Be sure to check out the links to other titles.



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Those Deadly Strangers

Dangers of Strangers coverThe Dangers of Strangers
Vogel and Goldner

Stranger Danger was all the rage in the 80s. I think this particular book takes the cake in victim blaming and scaring the crap out of any kid and adult. (I slept with the light on after I read this book.) Nice graphic scenarios on kidnapping are laid out in color for the kids to really get a feel for the terror. Not much on prevention either. I guess the kids are doomed. The message was loud and clear: Don’t let this happen to you.

Can we PLEASE retire the whole “strangers are scary” genre for the picture book crowd? From what I understand, kids need to be more afraid of people they actually know.


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Total Home Security

Total Home Security: How to Safeguard Your Home and Family Against Burglary, Fire, and Other Disasters

Submitter: This book comes from my large consortium library. Most of the technology is old, and that alone is enough to weed it. This book doesn’t mention the threat of carbon monoxide at all. Yikes! So not quite “Total.”

Holly: But someone might need this! Some of the information is probably still good! We can’t just recycle 36 year old books that have a few good nuggets left.

Oh, wait. Yes we can.

More Security:

Home Firearm Safety

Get Your Gun

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