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Private Zone!

private zone cover

Private Zone

Another book for parents and kids to keep them all nice and safe. Not bad, but certainly not great. Since this book was published in the early 1980s, most people believed that sexual assault was the creepy stranger, when in actuality it is more likely to be someone known to the victim. This publication coincides with national media coverage of the disappearance of Etan Patz  and the murder and abduction of Adam Walsh.

There is, and was, a lot of material produced that addressed the issues of stranger danger and child exploitation. Not surprisingly, quite a few titles have ended up memorialized here on our site for a variety of reasons. Be sure to check out the links to other titles.


Strangers Among Us

To Catch a Predator

Those Deadly Strangers

Stranger Danger (Again!)

It’s Okay to Say Don’t

Satan for Kids

For those of you new to our site, please take a look at this book. I promise that it will not disappoint. It must be seen to be believed!

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If People Were Perfect
Accessed 10/25/2012
at http://www.keepyourchildsafe.org/online_If_people_were_perfect/online_If_people_were_perfect_cover.asp

​Submitter: I teach high school students with developmental delays.  Even though they do academics at about a grade one level, they are still teenagers and issues of personal space, strangers, and confusions about friendship versus romance are very important.  They form a group most at risk of abuse and I’m finding it very difficult to find the resources they need. Then I found these monstrosities online. The images are amateurish and hacked together but are also terrifying. Abusers can be distinguished by their weirdly goggling eyeballs.  Even worse is this title on the website: The Day my House Catched Fires.

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Safety First

First Book of Safety coverA First Book of Safety
Bolian and Hinds

Safety books have been finding their way to me lately.  I am fascinated by the change in emphasis over time.  Strangers are the big deal in the 1980s, while the 60s and 70s all seem to have issues with snake bites. Growing up in the Midwest in the 60s and 70s, other than running into the occasional garter snake, I don’t remember snakes being a particular issue.  Just looking at the cover with the kid riding a bike with no helmet dates this book to the dark ages.  I am also glad that the cover art showed the dangers of ironing.  I personally avoid the iron at all costs.  🙂

Stay safe everyone!



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