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Duck Shack Agreement

duck shack agreement cover

Duck Shack Agreement

Submitter: My husband has the unfortunate habit of dragging home insane books that he gets for free from the library (basically they’ve been “weeded”). Now we finally have a use for them. This is one of our favorites: “The Duck Shack Agreement”. The Ballooney Tunes sweatshirt refers to her booming balloon delivery service.

Holly: What a bizarre title for a romance novel.  Makes you want to light some candles and read, doesn’t it?


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The Librarian’s Passionate Knight

The Librarian’s Passionate Knight

It is still the 16th, so I think I need to make one more post for National Library Week.  Call it a bonus post!  I totally dig these romance titles!  Of course I had to snatch this title out of a co-worker’s hands!  I keep thinking the title would have been better if is was the Librarian’s passionate NIGHT, but it still works.  It looks like our heroine is considered to be an “innocent, bespectacled, librarian”.  Our hero is a “sexy as sin” wealthy, thrill seeker.  Throw in a stalker ex-boyfriend and we have some serious romantic drama going down! This sounds like story we just can’t miss!

My only other comment is the cover art is showing some very sloppy book processing as well as some ancient looking books (I hope she weeds regularly!)  Better alert tech services!


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Secret Librarian Wishes

Librarian's Secret Wish coverThe Librarian’s Secret Wish

I didn’t realize that as a profession we are more prone to secrets than the rest of the working world.  From yesterday’s secret scandal to today’s secret wish.   As we read on the inside flap, our smart girl librarian Claire knows all about sex and romance from books.  (I totally want to see her pathfinder on this subject!)  Again, we have lovely library themed cover art and of course our librarian heroine has a bun in her hair. As a public librarian for lo these many years,  I also have secret (and not so secret) wishes:

-That well-meaning people would not say to me “it must be fun to get paid to read all day”

-I also wish that you would see the irony of using the library to help you copy your Tea Party flyers.

-I also wish you wouldn’t ask me which Facebook picture is the right amount of “slutty”.

-I wish librarians were paid millions of dollars.

-I wish I had an unlimited budget.

Never a dull moment in the world of library work….



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