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Friday Fiction: The Major and the Librarian

Major and the Librarian coverThe Major and the Librarian

Shy librarian Emma Dalton craves stability in her life.  Can she make it work with the handsome Major Sam Griffin? I gotta tell you I am a sucker for a romance featuring any librarian.  We post a lot here and my favorites tend to be the more aggressive of our species, not the “shy” stereotype.  (To be honest, I don’t know too many “shy” types in public library service since that kind of personality type would probably kill you on the job.  Being shy won’t settle down a bunch of teens, break up fights or handle your average crazy person.)

When when we got our hands on this book, I read some of the comments on Amazon and my particular favorite quote is here for your enjoyment.

The Major is obviously an embodiment of the modern industrial military complex, who has a few complexes of his own. The Librarian represents the faltering non-profit co-operative forces of the modern world — forces which are feeling unloved and unsupported but continue to give and give and hate themselves for secretly wishing for capital and attention to come and sweep their troubles away.”

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Friday Fiction: Master’s Mistress

The Master's Mistress coverThe Master’s Mistress

Elizabeth Brown is hired to catalog a library at the Sullivan House when suddenly Brad Sullivan, the owner, died of a heart attack.  Not sure what to do while the estate was settled, she continued working on cataloging the extensive collection of rare books.  When estranged son, Rogan, returns to the estate, sparks fly.

I haven’t quite finished this book, but this story is high on sex and low on library science. Our Elizabeth isn’t quite a librarian, but a PhD in history and lecturer at the University of London. Poor Elizabeth is a 28 year old virgin and harbors quite a secret about her past.

We just need to introduce Elizabeth to our heroine from a couple of weeks ago, Isabella.  Isabella can show her the wild side of library science while she is getting seduced by her “masterful rogue”. We have to get these two gals together! Now that is a story!

Definitely a keeper for a romance collection!  I love when the librarians have a good time.  Also, to the library that stickered up the inside page description, SHAME on you for covering the sexy inside sample text.


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