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Friday Fiction: Capture A Shadow

Capture a Shadow coverCapture a Shadow


Another 80s special from the gang at Harlequin. This time we have a a poor Shelby, a book editor who took a pass on what was to be the 50 Shades of Gray for the 80s.  To make matters worse, her star author up and quits. Now her career is really on the rocks and she is bound and determined to get this author back in line. All she has is a post office box in the Midwest. Ah, the difficulty of stalking before Google. Of course there is no time for romance, or is there?



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Friday Fiction: Price of Happiness

Price of Happiness coverPrice of Happiness

In today’s Friday Fiction, Theresa (Tessa) Ashton-Smythe is a wealthy young lady who was dumped by her fiance 3 days before the wedding. Evidently he had fallen in love with someone else and oh by the way, he was really only interested in her money. Devastated, she pulls herself together and after a chance meeting with the former fiance and his lovely wife, Theresa decides the only way to reclaim herself is to become a “regular” girl. She decides to cut her long hair, buy regular clothes and get out of town as plain old Tessa Smith. She does take her Porsche with her, because she can only be only “so” ordinary.

In the dumbest, meet-cute, set-up possible, she ends up hired by grouchy, but handsome, Matthew to be a paid companion for his ailing mother. No one knows the truth of her upscale past, because then the story would be over. Actually, the book was missing pages 32-65 and my best guess is that they had some really awful fight, but of course we know these two crazy kids will get together by the end. The whole story would completely fall apart if either of these two kids actually had a truthful conversation with each other. But hey, they are in love! They just don’t know it yet!


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Friday Fiction: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness coverPrince of Darkness

A big handful of these old romance novels showed up in the library donation pile recently and I was loving some of the titles and covers. Today, I present for our Friday Fiction selection Prince of Darkness.  Nice English girl Cassandra, with some pedigree and ability to speak French, meets a tall dark stranger called Elliot. By page 3 they are married. Of course the trouble then starts. He works too much and she is bored. Mean things are said and Cassandra walks out. Fast forward a few years and Elliot comes back into her life. In the 20 pages I read, Elliot is an abusive creep and from what I can tell he is “saved” by the love of a good woman. Yeah, Cassandra and Elliot get back together. Yuck. I think I will pass on finishing this one.


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