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Friday Fiction: Desperate Remedy

Desperate Remedy

What on earth is this woman wearing on the cover?  Either an ugly dress or a more fashionable nun’s habit. I am not really sure what fashion statement is being made.

Anyway, Penny must provide a stable home for her niece. Enter British Business tycoon Saul van Diemen. (I wonder if it is pronounced “demon”?) Penny offers to be a wife of convenience and housekeeper until she gets money together to get a larger place and her glass engraving business going. She is willing to overlook any “dates” with other women and then they can discreetly get an annulment. Saul actually wants more.  They become friendly and Saul misunderstands and “forces” himself on her.  But hold on! Penny actually loves him and really did desire him. (I believe this is where she is “asking” for it) Read the last pages posted for the entire “explanation”.  So everyone loves each other and is forgiving so we can just overlook that rape thing.



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Friday Fiction: Paging Dr. Devastating!

Dr. Devastating

I will be honest, the only reason I requested this book is because of the title. How can you resist a title like Dr Devastating?  You can’t! Of course we have a reluctant Nurse Practitioner Lee who is all business with those darn doctors, until Dr Devastating shows up. The series is called “Prescription: Marriage” so I think we can guess where this story is headed. Enjoy!


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Friday Fiction: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness

A big handful of these old romance novels showed up in the library donation pile recently and I was loving some of the titles and covers. Today, I present for our Friday Fiction selection Prince of Darkness.  Nice English girl Cassandra, with some pedigree and ability to speak French, meets a tall dark stranger called Elliot. By page 3 they are married. Of course the trouble then starts. He works too much and she is bored. Mean things are said and Cassandra walks out. Fast forward a few years and Elliot comes back into her life. In the 20 pages I read, Elliot is an abusive creep and from what I can tell he is “saved” by the love of a good woman. Yeah, Cassandra and Elliot get back together. Yuck. I think I will pass on finishing this one.


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