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Naughty Librarian

What the Librarian Did coverWhat the Librarian Did

My oh my! I am dying to know what the librarian “did”!  What shame is she hiding?  Extending computer time to rogue patrons? Did she forget a subfield delimiter? Bun too tight? I am sure the crimes are horrible, like that awful blouse she is wearing.  Good thing that Bad Boy Devin is there “checking her out”.  Good thing for Rachel, after a hard day answering reference questions, un-jamming printers, tossing out crazies, and removing God-knows-what from the book drop, she is probably ready for some hot steamy romance.




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He Stoked a Gently Growing Fire

Romance Writers Phrase Book coverRomance Writers’ Phrase Book
Kent and Shelton

What a hoot!  What do you do when you’ve used the word “manhood” too many times in your romance writing?  You turn to the Romance Writers’ Phrase Book, of course!  Pour yourself a cocktail and read this book for the fun of it, whether you write romances or not.  Check out these excerpts from the “sex” section. (Don’t give me that look.  Of course I’m giving a sample from the sex section!)


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Romance in the Stacks

Jinny Williams Library Assistant
Temkin and Hovell

Can our young modern girl find love in her local library?  Our girl Jinny moves through the stacks looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe it will be the cute guy downloading inappropriate material from the Internet. Maybe it will be that ultra sexy new librarian who keeps “checking her out”. Maybe she will get a couple of cats and head off to library school and get her MLS.  Grab this page turner and find out!