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Robotics of Old

Past, Present,& Future

I expected this book to be really awful based on the cover art, however the book was actually more interesting than I would have guessed. The author really did a great job of talking about the evolution of automation and robots. If it was 1983, this book would get a big thumbs up from me. This is a weeder in 2017. However, the topic is hot and if this book were given an update, some better photos/illustrations, and an interesting cover, and maybe an endorsement from Skynet, we would have a winner.


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Friday Fiction – Hong on the Range

Hong on the Range coverHong on the Range

Submitter: We came across this 1989 copyright doozie awhile ago while we were doing our first major weed.  It has been stored in our favorite weed collection for a few years now.  It features a cyborg cowboy in a dystopian post-apocalyptic western frontier.  His name is Hong and he has to prove himself.  This gem was written before dystopia was a thing.  I am surprised we don’t have a line to check it out. Even the animals are cyborg, such as the oxenites.  The author even has some creative cowboy tunes scattered about. Can’t put it down!

Holly: This is cataloged as juvenile fiction. I can maybe see adults going for it, but kids or teens? That would be a hard sell in my public library. It was a nominee for both the Nebula and Hugo awards, so someone clearly enjoyed it (and in the immortal words of Ranganathan, “Every book his/her reader”). It’s a weird mashup of futuristic and historical, with the wagons and the range but also the cyborgs.

I’m more intrigued by Submitter’s “favorite weed collection.” Tell us more about that, Submitter!



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Robot Overlords

Robots coverRobots

Submitter: Just weeded this from my elementary school library (where I’ve worked halftime for three years).  Just a little horrified I’ve only now come across it.

Holly: Please tell me it’s not because it was checked out! Funny how things get missed, though. You find them years later and think “WTH?” There are some great pictures of old robots below, but if you want to see some real robot action, check this out! (FIRST Robotics is awesome. Seriously.)

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