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Use Your Noodle

Decorating with macaroniDecorating with Macaroni: A Craft “How-To” Create Book

Submitter: At first I thought the “macaroni” referred to something else, like a type of needlework. I am the least craftiest person on the planet. However, I looked further and realized these are actual items of household décor using various types of macaroni pasta.  I wouldn’t say this is “awful”, just a reflection of the times I guess – I remember making macaroni “art” in school in the ‘70s, one of which I made in kindergarten and still hang on my Christmas tree every year! I work in the rare book room and archives of [a Canadian university].

Holly: It is definitely a reflection of the times! In case you’re interested, there are lots of current Aleene craft projects on Pinterest. Point your patrons there, not to this old thing. I, too, made macaroni “art” in the early 80s, and I remember a gold spray-painted box like the one painted below. So fancy.

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Jiffy Gifts

Jiffy Gifts coverJiffy Gifts
Crochet Ideas for your Bazaar

Saw this little number in the donation pile and couldn’t resist sharing.  All you crochet fans are probably dying to make some of these awesome items for your gift giving or even personal use. Nothing says love like a couple of crochet egg warmers that look like chickens. I will skip the clown tissue holder for obvious reasons.

The  holiday season is nearly here, so break out the hooks and needles and get started.


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